Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting on the second-half of 50...

.... because I already have the first half down! :) Woohoo for 25!

My birthday was fun! No, I don't feel older, really. Ok maybe a little bit after tubing on Saturday. Every muscle in my upper body is SCREAMING at me when I move it. But it was worth it!

My wonderful Mother in Law

Unfortuantely we have no action shots of us tubing... I was too afraid to lose the camera!

Callie out on the tube

After a fun day in the sun, we took showers and headed to dinner at Grills Tiki Bar on the water. It was great food and a fun atmosphere.

Eric's family... Mom, Nino and Mikael. (they gave me $100 for my birthday and it's burning a hole in my wallet! Hehehe. Can't wait to go shopping! I have to thank people for my other birthday gifts too... my mom got me a cute little tote bag, which has lots of little pockets I could use for cosmetics, etc., Eric is paying for me to get a massage this weekend (and for the boat rental from my party), my supervisor at work got me flowers and some Princess House pink flower-shaped dishes. Thanks everyone!)

Eric, me, Callie and Rams (avoiding the camera)

On my real birthday, which was Sunday, we slept in, had lunch at Moe's and then watched Spain win the World Cup (yay!). Eric had to go into work for a few hours so I went for a run, took a bath, did some homework, talked to bff Sarah on the phone, had a 20-minute conversation with some Mormon's trying to convert me at the door, and watched Bethenny Getting Married. It was a fun weekend!

Also, if you haven't entered my Coconut-Lime giveaway, do so today, because I'm drawing the winner tomorrow! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Yay for birthday fun! Glad it was a good one :)

  2. glad it was a fun day :) :) Sorry i missed the tubing it looks like y'all had fun.. Email me your address when you get a chance I have a little something for ya ;)

  3. Happy late Birthday! Looks like y'all had a blast!

  4. I had to laugh at the Mormons part because I am mormon too! That's funny. I hope they were respectful and not too pushy!

    I love Bethenny! I was just on her website today for the first time and there's a bunch of really yummy looking recipe's on there!

  5. Glad it was so nice for you dear! xoxox

  6. Glad you had a fantastic weekend. 25 hit me kinda hard but I'm feeling better about it now!

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    what great advice! thought you might enjoy!!

  8. oh and happy birthday! (wish i could be 25 again!)

  9. Aww, sounds like you had a great birthday!! Happy *belated* Birthday by the way :-D