Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little update

A little update on Eric's job hunt/situation: He had an interview yesterday with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Apparently it went well. The process to get hired on at one of these law enforcement agencies is ridiculous! He still has like 3 or 4 more tests to take before they even make a "conditional" offer.

Eric was cute and surprised me by stopping by the office yesterday afternoon, after his interview. He was all dressed up in his new suit and looked so good. :) I'm not used to seeing him in anything other than a uniform or regular casual clothes, but he was lookin' good all dressed up.

So today I parted my hair on the opposite side that I normally do... not sure what I think about it. It's nice for a change, but my hair is so "trained" to part on the other side that it's hard to work with!

What do you think (besides the fact that I look high in this pic)?

Anyway, today I am meeting my friend Tiffany for lunch,and tomorrow is Friday!! Tomorrow I get out of work at 2:45 for the day because I have an eye appointment at 3:00 and my supervisor said I could go early. I'm also so happy that class is over for the week... I cant't believe next week is the LAST week of this class! Of course I only have a week off and then the Fall semester begins... oh well!

I'm excited for this weekend! I might get to see my friend Sarah, I'm having lunch with Jen on Saturday, and seeing the family the rest of the time. It all sounds so wonderful right now!


  1. ohhh...sounds like a fun week ahead of ya! Like the hair parted that way...looks cute!

  2. I feel ya on the class, I have two weeks left of my writing class and then 3 weeks left of Spanish then I get a couple weeks of and fall starts.....sigh!

    But I just keep thinking about finally seeing that diploma and its all worth it!

    Best of luck to your hubby!

  3. I have a couple police friends and my dad worked for Houston Police Dept for 10 years, its not an easy process! tell him to hang in there!

    I'm liking the hair!

  4. What?! Orange County?! Really?! That's so cool! Michael works for OC right now! But he is applying to Riverside. How cool would that be if they knew each other though?? If you moved here we could have you over for dinner and stuff! Ahhh! :-)

    P.S- I think your hair looks good!! And daaang girl you look skinnnaaay!

  5. Friends, friends and more friends it sounds like! What fun :-) I've often thought about turning my part around, but I think I'd look horrible-- isn't that funny?? Great news on Eric's interview, hope it went well!!

  6. Girl you look SO SKINNY in this picture! You always look beautiful & have a great figure, you just seem especially thin in this pic.