Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giveaway winner!

I wrote all the names down...

...drew one...

... and the winner is:

... Steph @ Flip Flop Chic! Congratulations girl! :) Email me your info and I will have the Mary Kay Coconut Lime set mailed right to your door next week. Email me at: studio785 (at) juno (dot) com.

Thanks to everyone who entered my inagural giveaway. It was fun and I will definitely do more in the future!

On another note, we got our first essay back after class last night, and I got a score of 18 out of 20! I was so excited. It makes me feel a little bit more confident about my writing and the three projects that are due next week (eek!). The week marks the halfway point of this class already - gotta love summer classes!


  1. Ya on your essay! Im sure you will do great on your others!
    Ill have to snag my mom's Mary Kay now! LOL! I have my one year blog anniversary in Aug and i think I have my mom in to do a giveaway :)

  2. see, i knew you had nothing to worry about. Looks like you didn't need my proof reading after all ; ] You can still send them to me tho.. offer is still good. I'll make you a coupon. lol

  3. Lucky girl- she won!! You look so cute in that picture! And congrats on the 18 out of 20!!

  4. Yah on the essay...I knew you could do it.

    Blah...I didn't win. Bummer. Maybe next time though. Ha.

  5. Good job on your first assignment!!! I am about half way through my one summer class and starting the next on the 20th.

    Best of luck!!!!