Monday, July 26, 2010

Cotton candy clouds on Monday morning

So I love how I can have a fantastic weekend and it all goes to shit when I open my office door Monday morning. I even had a good run this morning which is supposed to give you all these endorphins and boost your metabolism and make you calm and serene and think about unicorns and cotton candy clouds.

That lasted all of 30 minutes today.

I wasn't in the office 5 minutes when I get frantic emails from the CEO, who had a conference call at 8:30AM with some other CEO's. Someone else is on her conference call line. Another person is getting a fax dial tone when they call in. What is her pin number? What is GOING ON Stephanie??!? Because you're supposed to know-all and be-all for everyone, right? Ohhh yeah. That was the line in my job description that says, "Other duties as required". Forgot about that.

The cherry on top is when she sends an email to me and copies my immediate supervisor saying "This is embarassing. It's the second time this has happened." All that makes me want to do is say "Psssh" to her face and ask her when I was promoted to the title of "Perfect, all-knowing, incapable of making mistakes Executive Assistant". Because I apparently missed that memo. Not to mention I've got other priorities this morning, such as setting up for a meeting which said supervisor is having, rescheduling 3 days worth of meetings for the her (frantic CEO) who had to go to Tallahassee at the last minute, and oh yeah, doing payroll so that all of our employees get paid this week. No biggie though. Don't sweat your conference call line. I'll "get to the bottom of this", as you requested.

I need a promotion.

Or hazzard pay.

Or, a vacation somewhere where cell phones don't work.

Dear Monday, I hate you.

Love, Me.


  1. i like this because you said the word shit and not some bleeped *&@& version of it. lol. It will get better, my dear.

    and uhm, I hope no one from your work reads this... ??

  2. Ouch...sounds like my bad day last Monday.

    It will get always does.


  3. Mornings like that make everything suck for what seems like many hours after you leave the office! Here is to an amazing Tuesday!

  4. I hate times like that! I'm so sorry!!