Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I survived!

My first day of school went amazing! It feels SO good to finally be doing this for myself.

So, first things first -- thank you all so much for your supportative comments and helpful suggestions! Especially on the textbook issue. I ended up following Amanda's advice and ordering them off of half.com. Both together, including shipping, were $66, instead of the over $100 they would've been at the bookstore (even the used versions). In the future I will definitely be looking into renting them, but the school isn't doing that until closer to fall. A facebook friend told me a about Chegg.com where you can also rent textbooks.

Also, I discovered we aren't allowed to eat in class, at all...even though it's an evening class. I guess that means I'll be eating bigger lunches for the next six weeks on Monday and Wednesday!

The instructor is great, the class ended an hour early (yay!) and he said it may often end early. It's a good thing I like writing because there is supposedly a paper due every week from now on! Last night we wrote an impromptu "diagnostic essay", which I managed to get through. I'm excited to learn more about writing and hope it transfers over into my blog writing style. :)

So overall, it was a great success! I'm really looking forward to this whole college thing!

Today I'm planning the menu for this weekend. My family is coming over Saturday for a beach day and a cookout. I can't wait! Also I have a surprise date planned for Friday with the hubs... hehehe.



  1. I'm so glad my advice worked out well!!! That sucks that you can't eat during class...my professor this summer is cool about it and most weeks people bring fruit, veggies or cookies to share with everyone which is great!

    Best of luck :) you'll do awesome!

  2. That's so great you are doing that for yourself! Good luck with your weekly papers!

  3. Bummer that you can't eat in class but glad everything else is working out! I soon will be taking a few classes myself. :)