Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hott or Healthy?

Yesterday I entered my weight on my Weight Watchers online website, and it informed me I have officially lost 5% of my body weight! My goal is 10%, so I'm halfway there.

It then proceeded to bring up a sort of analysis where you answer questions and they re-calculate your daily "points". I answered questions like... do I want to maintain or continue to lose? Am I a new mom yet, or am I breastfeeding? (very funny, ww) Do I sit most of the day or stand?

What was the result? They gave me 2 less points per day! It kind of cracked me up, actually, in between the frustration of knowing I have to re-adjust my "routine" I had that previously had perfectly allocated my points value. Now I have 2 points less. That is my REWARD for losing weight? Thanks alot WW! :)

I understand the concept, but still... it's an adjustment.

So last night, that got me thinking. Why do I want to continue to lose weight? Am I trying to be "hott" or do I want to be healthy?

Backtrack 8 years ago or so, I wanted to be hot. I was about 17, and who doesn't want to be hot at that age? I just wanted to fit into the juniors sizes and look amazing in a bikini. Wanting to be hott results in trying every ridiculous diet ever invented...or maybe it hasn't even been invented, it just sounds like a good idea in your head. Stuff like liquids only, no carbs, no fat, smoothie diets, skipping meals, and the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet.

The funny thing is, those never work.

Fast forward to the present day, I'm almost 25 and I've learned a few things along the way. Of course, every woman living and breathing wants to look good. If they tell you they don't care, don't believe them. However, I've finally learned that it takes a lifestyle  of sensible eating, (not a weekend of no eating) in order to lose weight. It includes exercise on a regular basis. It's about being healthy and listening to your body, not ignoring it.

At this point, I feel really good about how I look. I'm probably considered pretty "healthy" weight-wise for my age and height. If I continue to lose the last 5% that would be awesome. If it comes off slower than I'd like, that's ok too.

I'm kind of on a roll and want to keep it going... and this cruise that starts Saturday is going to be a challenge, I admit! :) But my point is, I'm ok with that. I know I'll be on vacation and can have a little fun. I'm not going to go crazy one extreme or the other.

I like what Bethenny Frankel says in her book "Naturally Thin" and I repeat it to myself all the time:

"You can have it all, just not all at once."


  1. Stephanie You are great looking you exercise you eat healthy. Your healthier than I am. I eat like crap and never exercise. All I am saying is do not be so hard on your self. Plus Eric thinks you are hot so that is all that matters.

  2. you ARE hott! Keep on with your healthy lifestyle, you will keep reaping the rewards for the rest of your life and it will serve you well.

    You're doing a great job, don't stress about the small stuff or the last few pounds on the scale.. that's not LIFE. ♥

  3. That's a good quote! I love how you are accepting your healthy weight and not just trying to look "hot". You look really good!!

  4. Oh girl...your mama has gained atleast 5 pounds just this week during the stress of training. Just sit and eat to stay awake. I am not happy with all my hard work going down the drain, but I have to consider all that I'm going through and just keep in mind that I will pick it up again once the high stress level is gone. Oh please be gone next week! ha. Enjoy your cruise and have NO guilt. You look amazing..and you are very healthy.
    Love you.

  5. Exercising is hard to keep up with and being consistent takes a while so don't be so hard on yourself. Just take one day at a time and do your best. You look great girl!