Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend plans

Seeing this is the last weekend we have at home before our cruise, I have lots of grandiose plans of shopping and last-minute planning.

I need to buy:

- Bikini's (don't care if they are cheap, as long as they're cute and cover the girls!)
- Some sort of "water shoes". I wished I had them on our last cruise.
- Bathing suit "cover up" dresses to slip on and off easily
- SPF 15, 30 and 50 tanning lotion
- Alcohol to bring along. I know you're not "supposed" to, but we did last time and it was no problem. The bag guy even told us to bring it. So I'm hoping we get off that easily again! Saves lotsa $$!
- Random items like leave-in conditioner, makeup pencil sharpener, etc.
- OH YEAH, a birthday present for my hubby. No ideas there.

I cannot WAIT! It's hard to believe we've been married 2 years already!

In addition to the fun time off/partying/shopping/laying out we'll be doing this weekend, I'm hoping to see Prince of Persia and Sex and the CityII. If I have to choose though, I'm ABSOLUTELY seeing Sex and the City II!!

What are your Memorial  Day plans?


  1. Happy Anniversary! We just had our 9 year yesterday! Believe me, it goes by so fast!! We are busy with Tyler's dance recital all weekend! OH well, it should be fun!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Well..You allready now from my blog post I am going to see Prince Of Persia! Hope you can see both of them!

  3. Ooh, sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend full of anticipation for your trip! SJP looks so stunning in that movie poster. Love her dress.

    I'm on my way "up north" to a cabin where we're going to do a lot of boating, tanning, and fishing :-)

    Have a good one!

  4. Can I watch SATC2 With you? I have nobody to see it with!