Friday, May 21, 2010

T minus 1 hour till the weekend!


- does everything happen at 4PM on Friday? Seriously, suddenly everything is an effin crisis and HAS to be done RIGHT NOW and NO ONE  is in the office, forcing me to become wonder woman.

- did I pay $14 extra for 2-day shipping and my weight-loss in a box hasn't arrived yet? wtf Beachbody? I WAS looking forward to starving myself this weekend, but I may not have to if you don't deliever. pssh.

- do I have to wake up before 8AM tomorrow? it's a saturday. because I'm an angel and will be volunteering at a picnic for happy little kids who've been adopted. that's why.

- do people reply to ME in an email ... pause. ok. let me explain. i am responsible for emailing the whole company whenever someone has a birthday. so I select the "All Users" mailing list and send out my happy little birthday message, complete with clipart of a birthday present and EVERYTHING. then... WITHOUT fail... EVERY TIME... I get someone who hits "reply" and sends me back a happy birthday message. I must have a birthday several times a week. "Happy Birthday Mr. Jim!! Hope your year is filled with love, laugher, happiness, and unexpected blessings!!" Why thank you!

- does Perez Hilton (and about half my friends on facebook) keep posting about the Grey's season finale that was last night?!? HELLO! Some people own and use a DVR and watch it LATER so they can ff through the commercials. I am living for approx. 7:30PM tonight once I'm back from my hair appointment to sit down and watch that show. do not interrupt me. i will not respond. i will be having a glass of wine and remembering how to breathe.

(btw as long as Derek doesn't die I think I'll be ok. Meredith too. )

(but don't tell me anything!)

cheers to friday!

(don't ask me what's up with the pigs. i think they're cute.)


  1. oh my gosh, the email thing is too funny. people are dumb. lol.

    I've never watched Grey's....but all of my friend's status updates are about the finale too. Personally, I'm pretty excited about the LOST finale this weekend. ;)

  2. Oh yeah I get the email thing too! That happens here in our office a lot.

    Those pigs are adorable!

    And let me just say that I have never watched a full episode of Greys before I watched last nights but now I want to go get all the seasons and watch them!!

  3. P.S- I am having my first giveaway!

  4. everyone dies steph. like everyone in the show. a bomb goes off and kills the entire universe and just fyi that includes the hospital these fake doctors more worried about their genitals than saving their patients, work at. yeah thats what happens. sorry if i ruined it for you :P

    hahaha! jk i dont watch that crapola

  5. How your weekend was better than your Friday!

  6. Stressful Friday!!! And now it's Monday morning...which is even more stressful!