Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy day :)

It's Friday! And there's no one in the office except me and Erica! Happy times. I'm meeting Eric for lunch with Rams and Callie. I don't have plans for tonight, but maybe have a few drinks and watch Euro Trip with Eric. Apparently we watched it in Paris back in the day on our "first date", but I honestly do not remember. I need to get a refresher because Eric quotes that movie all the time!

So last night I logged on to BCC's website and took a look at the placement test "practice" test. Everything looks super easy except for the math portion. It was almost hilarious, seeing all the x's and y's  and not having a clue on where to even BEGIN solving them. I actually felt better doing the practice test, and knowing without a doubt that I will not "pass" the math portion. It was sort of a relief... don't even need to study because I never did Algebra 2 in highschool. It's pointless. I need someone to teach me. But really it's not a  pass or fail, it's just a matter of where you "place" and if you need to take "pre-classes" to review highschool math before you can get credit for the college math. So, I feel so much better about it, and can't wait to get it overwith next Thursday night!! :)

Also, on the topic of school, it was really encouraging yesterday when a co-worker talked to me about going back to school. She said she was 30 when she went to college (which was good, because I'm feeling "old" going back at almost 25!), and she also "failed" the math placement test. So she took the prep classes and learned it, and then went on to get all A's in math throughout college! That was awesome news!

To leave you with some cuteness for your Friday, here is a picture of Layla in the tub earlier this week. As I was getting ready in the bathroom, she just walked over and climbed on in. I had to take a picture! She's done it twice this week too! She absolutely loves the water!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!

“We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free." - Ronald Reagan

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  1. What a wonderful post. Your blog is too cute! Thank you so much for stopping by mine! And yes, we have the biggest Pom ever!