Monday, May 31, 2010


My goodness, what a fantastic long weekend it's been! And it feels even better to know I'm only working the next 3 days and then we're off to our Jamaican cruise! :)

Quick recap...

Friday night: The hubby and I did some fun shopping at Target and got lots of cute stuff! I got 2 new bikinis, a cute dress and a few things for the cruise! We had a burger at Five Guys (a first) and saw Prince of Persia with Callie and Rams. I thought it was cute and funny! Jake is hot. Hehe.

Saturday: I got up early, went running, laid out at the pool, then Eric and I went shopping again and got more clothes... including this shirt from AE which Eric picked out for me! :)

That night was Callie's 21st birthday party, which was lots of fun! :)


Sunday: Eric and I slept in and then started cleaning like crazy! I cleaned the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, carpets, closet (got rid of 10 pairs of shoes!), re-arranged the office/desk area... wow. It felt SO good! I can't even remember what we did that night but I made spaghetti for dinner and we went to bed around midnight!

Monday: I got up and went to the pool with Callie until lunch, then Eric and I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and waxing both of our cars, inside and out. Exhausting! We even gave the dogs a bath afterward. Then we had dinner at Charlie & Jakes and watched a movie.

It was a very productive weekend!! I have a busy 3 days of work and then it's time to get a mani/pedi, do laundry, pack and HEAD TO MIAMI for our cruise!

Life is good! :) Happy Memorial Day!

Oh and P.S. -- This is Layla. Layla's favorite thing to do is squeak her squeaky toys. I'm pretty sure she could do this 24/7 and she especially loves to do it during our favorite TV shows. Enjoy the hilarity!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I hope that next year that we can go on a vacation :)

  2. LOL! That video is so darn cute! LOL! :)
    Totally loved Prince of Persia.....and LOVE your new yellow shirt! Looks great on you as well!
    Have fun on your cruise! I leave for my vacation on I know how ya feel about being excited :)

  3. CUTE shirt with the white shorts!!!

  4. Love the yellow shirt on you! What a fun weekend! And I'm so jealous about your cruise!! Adorable dog! My dog doesn't chew on toys, lol. She's more like a cat most of the time!

  5. lola is soo stinkin cute.. and can't wait to see your cruise pics :D :D

  6. Looks like you are doing well and having fun! Glad Lola is still as adorable as ever!