Thursday, April 22, 2010

Writer's Workshop: What is the joy in your present moment?

This week I picked the prompt "What is the joy in your present moment?" for Writer's Workshop!

Let me say, there is no big, major thing I'm happy about. But for me, the best way to find joy is in the little things. These would include:

*Hubby kisses*
*Puppy kisses*
*Clean kitchen sink*
*A nice, long run*
*Good friends*
*Getting paid today*
*Watching my favorite TV shows uninterrupted*
*Good hair days*
*Getting a bonus next paycheck*
*God's love and faithfulness*
*Knowing I'm getting a massage this weekend*
*Getting some time to myself this weekend*
*The fact that I have so many things on this list!*

Go ahead and play along! Head over to Mama Kat's and pick a prompt!

Mama's Losin' It


  1. I think payday can cheer just about anyone up!

  2. Love the picture...wish my front door looked so inviting!

  3. I chose the same prompt!

    Good hair days really are great!

  4. AHhh...I agree that there is nothing like a clean kitchen sink. It doesn't always happen in my house, but when it does it is nice!! Your list is truly is the little things!