Thursday, April 8, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Baby Fever!

I am so excited for the prompt this week on Writer's Workshop! I totally agree that "baby fever" is in the air and I'm trying to squash it for the time being. :)

Baby fever is in the air. Describe what you would do differently as a first time mom.

Well, I couldn't do anything differently because I haven't been a mom yet. But I'm going to just talk all about what I will do when I AM a first-time mom! :) My hubby and I decided before we got married that we wanted to wait atleast two years before we had kids (two years will be this June). I believe in spending time as a couple first so you can have your relationship "established" a little bit before adding a new person in the mix.

We also decided to wait until he got out of the military, because of deployments, etc. He is planning to get out this October, when we will hopefully move to Orlando (ish), and he will get a job at Orlando Police Dept. Then once ALL of that is good to go, THEN we will start trying to have a kiddo!

Yesterday I looked up a bunch of super cute baby decor stuff. I am dying to have a girl. My husband wants a boy. I am willing to have twins to satisfy us both. :)

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I mean c'mon, who wouldn't want one of these?!?

Here are some girl decorations I love. Do these not just melt your heart and make you want a little girl, like, tomorrow?

My all-time favorite girl name (right now) is Madison. Eric doesn't really like it (says it makes him think of Wisconsin) but I just can't get over it. I also like Emma. I don't have a very long list, because I'm kinda picky and refuse to pick a name that reminds me of someone or something every time I hear it. For example, I would never name my daughter Bethany. I apologize to all the Bethany's out there, but I just have several people with that name that I just don't get along with. Overall, it's SO much easier for me to pick out girly things than little boy things. Of course I have two nephews, but serioussssly, girl things are just soo much cuter! ;)

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Now, if we have a BOY first...

... I suppose I would be ok with that. *wink* I know Eric would be sooo excited, and he is going to be such a good dad regardless of what we have!

Decorations are a little bit more challenging for me in this department, but I managed to find some I liked!

(disclaimer on this next picture: I would never put zebra stuff in a little boys room. But I just like the green and the quote on the wall.)

I honestly don't have a boy name I just love. I do have a few I like, such as Dylan and Jaden. The funny thing is, Eric and I NEVER have agreed on a name so far, I don't think. It is going to take us the whole 9 months just to agree, I am sure.

Of course these are just the *superficial* things I am most excited about (well and baby clothes... but that could take up this entire post in itself!) but seriously, I think being a mom will be the hardest thing I've ever done and the most rewarding. I am not excited about being fat and pregnant, nor giving birth and all that, but as they say... it's all worth it in the end. Having a new puppy has been very "telling" on how Eric and my personalities will come through in discipline and such. He very much has a "cop" personality and I am the one who can't stand to see anything or anyone hurting. I do hope to find the perfect balance when we have an actual human being to care for. I don't know much about the details, but I know we'll figure it out along the way and I'm excited!

Head on over to Mama Kat's to play along and write about whatever prompt suits you!

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  1. I think it is a good plan (when it's possible) to delay the start of a family for a few years. My husband and I had been married for six and a half years before our oldest was born, and though that was a little longer than I had wanted to wait, it definitely allowed us to really know each other as a couple before we became parents.

    Such fun to see your sweet dreams of new motherhood!

  2. what a great post! i also would love to have a girl - hello i have 3 brothers & a step son a nephew!! every person in my life seems to be male!! so a girl would be super special - but if we do have a boy - i would know just what to do.. we already have our names picked out! and since we have been together over 4 years - and he already has a son - we have a good idea of what we want to do with ours..
    anyway - liked reading this post!

  3. Cute decorations, I like your style! Good idea to wait 2 years, I think it was exactly 3 mo after I was married that found out I was pregnant! Now I have 1 girl (oldest) and 2 boys. Never ever agreed on fact we were in the hospital having our 3rd when we finally agreed on his!

  4. I die!!!! The chadeliers in the girls room are so amazing and the truck room for the little boy, well lets just say when Andrew and I are married THAT'S how he would decorate a boys room!!!

    I can't wait to have babies!!!!!!!!

  5. As a mother of two girls (Christina Marie and Melanie Anne) and two boys (Patrick Randal and Daniel Louis) I have to tell you that boys are easier!!! By a long way! LOL just so you're warned :)

  6. oh! and ps. I meant to say in my last comment...thanks for visiting me :)

  7. Hi. I found you through the Writer's Workshop too. Those are super cute pictures you have. It's so funny that you're talking about how you think you and your husband will be as parents. I thought I could predict that for us too (and it would have been similar to what you're thinking) BUT six months in, my husband is the one that runs to her when she cries, is all gentle and careful. And I'm the one that lets her cry (a little), tickles her or tosses her around. I never would have predicted that.

  8. I wanted a boy to be my first child because I think girls need a big brother. I was blessed with a daughter as the oldest and then my son came followed by 2 more girls. By far, my boy has been my easiest. I would love to have my girls wear the pretty foo foo dresses and the big flowers in their hair but, they yanked the flowers/bows out constantly and they all spit up profusely all over any cute outfit. My boy is all rough and tumble and doesn't cry when I comb his hair. That being said, I love them all and they are a joy to have just the way they are. And those rooms are just beautiful.

  9. Okay. I officially love you. I'm going to follow you. We have several things in common.

    1. Copish husbands.

    2. We're both blonde. ;-)

    3. We are waiting for a baby too. We want to be more "established" first.

    4. Can't agree with hubby on baby names.

    5. Agree that girls things are way cuter than boys. (however I just have always figured I would have a boy first)

    6. Love looking at baby stuff and pining.

    7. Love dogs! (We plan on getting one or two when we get a house.)

    I hope you come see my blog too!

  10. I Love the baby rooms. I totally agree that a couple should wait awhile after getting married to have kids. You learn about each other.

  11. More followers...sigh. Cute post. This grandma will take a boy or a girl...just bring em on! Very cute pics indeed! Maybe you will have one of each at the same time=TWINS!! :) oh what joy!

  12. It definitely will be the hardest. But also the most rewarding. Something about giving life to a creature and then to watch that little person grow into themselves is amazing. I have 4 boys and one girl...and I will say this much: Girls have got some great clothes and accessories, but boy toys rule by far!!! Good luck!