Friday, April 30, 2010

Vitamins = sex?!?

I don't eat vegetables (unless you count corn). I don't eat much fruit (unless it's in a smoothie). I have ALWAYS been that way and probably always will be (Eric says he's going to force-feed me veggies when I get pregnant... ha). I am a healthy person, meaning my last physical got a great report at the doctors office. Either I'm a ticking time bomb or just a medical anomaly. I don't really care.


I have recently started taking vitamins. I was sick with some allergies/head cold about a month ago so I found these vitamins my mom had given me and downed a couple of them. I kept it up because they really did make me feel better. I can't really explain how I felt better, but I just did. Healthier, maybe? More energy? I don't know. In addition to those benefits, there has been another side affect I did not expect.

Backing up a few years, my ... er... libido.... has been low for forever, practically. When I met Eric that was his chief complaint. I always said it was his fault for dating those teenage girls who are faking their interest in sex 24/7 just to please you, and argued that a REAL woman isn't like that. But then I'd be confused because some of my best friends (my age) were like sex animals and I'd hear their stories and wonder... what is wrong with ME? It was a struggle for a while, but Eric and I got into a good routine. We'd have a few arguments about the topic every once and a while... once we even saw a sex-therapist, which helped a lot. I'd read books like "The Sexually Confident Wife" and that would help. But still, there was no denying my sex-drive was lower than "average" (whatever "average" is).

Getting back on track... ever since taking these vitamins I've noticed an increased libido. Is that just me or is it the vitamins for real? It's amazing. Maybe that was my problem all along. I never related vitamin deficiency to libido, but hey, it's working for me.

Has this happened to anyone else?? Am I just imagining things? I'd like to know! Sorry if this was a little TMI (hi mom!), but I figured most of my readers (if not all) are girls, and why can't I talk about sex? I'm an honest person, and I've grown to learn that sex isn't something to be ashamed about. I'm a married woman, I have sex. SHOCKER I know! ;)

So seriously, what is your take on it? I'd be interseted to hear what others have to say.

On that note... happy weekend everyone! :) TGIF!!


  1. Hummm, interesting! Guess I'll have to try some vitamins, or better yet, make my man (he's usually the lower libido one, weird, I know)start taking some. Glad it works for you!!

  2. I've always had a high sex drive so I'm not sure if the vitamins are helping you or but I think that diet and mindset have a lot to do with things. I have noticed for me that birth control can change my sex drive, when I'm not on it sometimes I want it more and when I am it decreases for a while and then goes back to normal.

    I wasn't a veggie eater for a long time but this new diet has made me love veggies! Start out slow and see if you can find some that you like! For me it was really great salads that made me fall in love!

  3. Now, I am the complete opposite! I love veggies and fruit...and I take vitamins...and have a seriously average to low libido. makes me wonder??!!?? what kind of vitamins are you taking? maybe I should change to that kind!!

    I have to tell you...I was just skimming through the blog list of follower's posts and I saw your title and thought "gotta read that one...she might be able to help!!"
    So..message me back what kind you are taking and if you are taking supplements...Also, I do know that exercising is supposed to help with libido..It helps me when I get the chance to go..but with the kids being go! :(

  4. its probably a combination of a few things.. you working out more, eating healthier, taking those vitamins, etc. all that makes *you* feel healthier, more attractive, sexier, etc. so keep it up! ;) The more sex the better! lol

  5. Well, keeping up with the tmi trend...

    I used to have a GREAT libido. Pre-marriage, which for my very good catholic hubby and I meant pre-sex. But I was waaaaaay hornier than him. And we out. And I would be...satisfied. Jesus, I was an animal, barely a day went by..*ahem*

    Anyway, then we got married. And obviously things were awkward at first. But I enjoyed it and we were having sex several times a week, good times.

    Then I went on anti-depressants. Bye-bye sex drive! Of course, when I told my doc I thought I was having that side-effect, she told me I was wrong. And I bought it. So we spent about 6 months right at the beginning of our marriage with me having ZERO sex drive and a very low ability to respond (ouch) and thinking it was me or him or us and we didn't know! So frustrating!

    So we're trying to recover from that. I went off the drugs and refuse to go back on. But still, 6+ months of horrible experiences, and sex being nothing but a chore and something to feel guilty over...well...I can't just bounce back. Plus it's just not as good as making out was, and I've lost a lot of the fun joy of exploration from the bad experiences.

    So I'm trying to change my mindset. And it's getting better. And my hubby is so good about it. But we're lucky if we have sex once a week. And I HATE it.

    I miss the me that couldn't keep my hands off my hubby! I want to know where she went! So does he, now that we're actually having sex (which is waaaaay more enjoyable for him than making out was)!

    I've taken vitamins-I notice no change. I've changed my diet, no change. Hopefully the upcoming chill time will help. I'm also really focusing on changing my attitude. But still. It sucks to have been a horn-dog for YEARS and now feel like I can't get that back.

    So, same question as The Smiths, what vitamins are you taking???? Because I want them!

    End TMI. For now.

  6. Wow. I just wrote a blog post in your comments. Sorry about that.

    I thought the appropriate way to apoligize was to add ANOTHER comment. :P

  7. Don't worry about having a lower libido - I'm in the same boat and I think there are lots of people. It's unfortunate that we are made to think there is something wrong with us because of it - I'd be worried if you didn't want to have sex AT ALL, but there's nothing wrong with not wanting to do it every minute of every day. It's more fun when you have a bit of a break between times anyway - it becomes more of a treat ;) That's just my two cents tho!

  8. Well...I think I am less "sensitive" than other women and I also don't crave sex all the time but I find that once we get going I usually get into it.

    We had a rough patch for a while and I realized that he needed it more often and ever since then we have tried to do it at least 3-4 times a week if our schedules allow it. I know it's not exactly romantic or whatever to schedule sex but sometimes you have to!

    Also, feeling good about yourself with eating right (vitamins) and working out help a lot. What kind of vitamins are you taking? lol. I'd like to try that! I take prenatals because they are healthy for women...I also take fish oil for my dry eyes and birth control. Sometimes flax seed.