Monday, April 5, 2010


Seriously, this is the most interesting Monday I've had in a l-o-n-g time.

So this morning after all the drama with the monster lady, Eric talked to Delores and she stated no one from the apartment talked to the police on Saturday. See, on Saturday the officer told us "I just stopped by the office and talked to management". However, no one could say that they had talked to her. So one of two things actually happened:

1) The cop lied. Sure I didn't like her much, but I don't think cops lie very often.
2) The monster lied to the dispatcher/police officer, saying she was management, and made her believe the story.

I'm going with #2. Ok so, first lie from her.

Then just now, Eric called me. He said his First Sergeant called him in the office and asked him if we had dogs, and if we keep them on a leash. Eric was like "yeahhhh?" and the First Sgt. said some chick called saying she was the CE First Sgt. and that Eric keeps his dogs off the leash and someone has pictures. Eric then proceeded to explain the situation to him.

Ok, so #1) the CE First Sgt. isn't a woman, it's a man.
#2) Eric's First Sgt. crumpled up the paper and said it's ridiculous. They loveeee Eric there. There is no way he would get in trouble over that.
#3) Someone has pictures? Really. You're just saying that because you're mad I got pictures of you this morning. Wow.

This is seriously unbelieveable. She is stooping soooo low. We are the only ones who have actual evidence and proof of all the wrong she has done.

On top of this, our bank called and apparently someone in Georgia just charged over $700 to our checking account. It's going to take 5-7 days to get it back. *pulling out my hair* Good thing we have savings to cover the RENT CHECK that we just turned in!! omg.

I am going for a run tonight. We're talking to the apartment management tomorrow over lunch.

This lady is going down.


  1. Make sure when talking to the management you stay calm and collected. You want to prove your point and prove you've done nothing wrong. Get all your evidence together and put her down!!! Let us know how it turns out!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated! Its been interesting to hear about!

  3. WOW!!!!! How awful on both issues - the crazy lady and the money being taken from your account. I've experienced that one before and its just sucky because it makes you feel so violated!

    I hope this week turns around for you!