Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on the monster

As I stated on Saturday, I had a rather dramatic incident with the three-headed-monster lady. I will try to summarize what happened, as it is kind of long.

Here she is, the three-headed-monster herself. This picture is from the video I took this morning. Notice her dogs going crazy.

Right after my 5K, Eric and I got home and walked the dogs. As we were out, we saw her. I decided to stick with my plan and kinda "hang around" just to irritate her and her dogs. It worked. The largest dog lunged at Amira and scared her quite a bit. I yelled at the lady "keep your dogs under control!!" and she just flew off the handle. She started yelling, calling me a "white bitch" and told me to get my "fat ass out of here".

Obviously, that got my adrenelene going and we argued for a good 10 minutes. My whole point is she cannot control her dogs. However, she continued to yell explitives and completely irrelevent things, like "your fat-ass husband", "flat ass bitch" and "your husband is just a tech sergeant" (he is not). I'm not sure what that had to do with her dogs being out of control, but that is how it went. I told her to stay away from our apartment and she threatened "I'm going to be in front of your house every morning!"

We walked away after a while, and about 10 minutes later, as we were re-telling the incident to a lady who works at the apartments, Dolores, a police officer pulled up. The monster had called the police. So we talked to the officer, which was pointless because she was a horrible cop and didn't even listen to our side of the story. She said to "avoid each other" and walk on opposite sides of the street. I said that is fine and everything, but I told the officer that this lady threatened to be "in front of our apartment every morning", so what about her avoiding us? The officer said she has instructed the monster to also avoid us and do the same. Well... I didn't believe that the monster would hold up her side of the bargain, so I decided to just wait and see, and document everything.

Last night, our neighbors saw her walking in front of our apartments, so she texted me letting me know. I went outside and kind of followed her and finally found out her address. Then, this morning she was out there again. I took our camera and got a video of the whole thing. She again called me a "fat bitch" as she walked by. Then, 3 minutes later she walked BACK by (which she normally does not do). It is OBVIOUS she is doing it purposefully to be antognistic. Plus when she walked by the 2nd time she yelled "come on out, bitch!" and I could hear her from inside.

Basically, we're documenting everything she does and have written a 2-page letter of the incident and will turn it into the apartment management on Tuesday. We're documenting the dates and times she walks in front of our apartment. She is clearly not "avoiding us" and keeping up her side of the deal. Sure, she can walk wherever she wants, but it is OBVIOUS she is doing it on purpose because she can just as easily go the other way. She is still calling me names and being antognistic with her dogs. I cannot wait to turn this letter in and see what happens.

This is her largest dog, the one that lunged at Amira. She clearly let her come this close to me this morning on purpose as you can see how far the leash is out.

I don't think the apartment can MAKE her not walk there, but they can direct her not to and if she continues to do so, we will just keep documenting it and then she will be violating their orders. Hopefully we can get her in lots of trouble. I want to see her go DOWN baby.

We are keeping up our side of the bargain and keeping our dogs on leashes and avoiding her. But when I am standing right outside my door and she is right there... well, that is a deliberate attempt to stir up trouble. She will find out very soon... she is messing with the wrong bitch. :)


  1. Ugh people are so stupid and for a grown woman to act like that?!?!? How dumb! I don't blame you at all, sometimes that is why apartment living sucks because one person does not obey the rules and makes life miserable for people.

    We've had "dog issues" at our house with a stray that has tried to attack our dog while she is on her run outside. Every time it comes around though we try to call animal control and they are closed....maybe someday we'll get that dog caught!

  2. I am so sorry you have to go through all this..But I can say this...keep up the good work! Im sure you will take her down soon! No reason for her to be so rude about it all! Geez!

  3. Wow, someone has an attitude problem! That sucks that you can't take your dogs out for a normal walk without having to deal with crap like that. Good for you for standing up to her though and taking action. She shouldn't be allowed to get away with acting like that!

  4. Steph, don't continue to give her the upper hand by continuing this drama.. That is *exactly* what she wants, and she knows she is upsetting you. I know it's hard and this lady is CLEARLY going out of her way to push your buttons and deserves everything bad she gets, but if you stop feeding into it, she will have no material and will leave you alone. Be the bigger person.

    Love you ♥

  5. Ouch, lame. Can I just add I *hate* retractable leashes? They have a place, on a walk where you are not near a street at all for a very well-trained dog. That is it. Dogs that are in any way lunge-y should never be on one. Period. It's too hard to control them and adds to everyone's stress, including the dog lunging! Geeze!

    *steps off soap box*

  6. I totally get how this is upsetting but I totally agree with Jen. Don't give her what she wants!
    ps. awesome job on the 5k!

  7. omg this made me laugh so hard. i would pay anything to see you out there tellin' her off! next time make eric film ya'll fighting!!!! i'll buy the vid from him lol.