Friday, April 16, 2010


It's finally Friday! I'm meeting Eric for lunch today then we're going to Staples to pick out a new office chair for me at work. Can't wait!

Last night I had a GREAT run! I decided to cross the street in front of our apartment complex and run on the main road sidewalk to switch it up. It was a GOOD idea. I ran over 3 miles and it was easy! I'll have to try that again! It was sooo funny because in the last minute or so I was getting so tired, so I was thinking it would be nice to have my 'power song' be a trainer or something encouraging me to keep going and finish, etc. Well as I finished and after the Nike + gave me the stats from my run, on comes a little message from TIGER WOODS saying "Great workout! You just burned some serious calories!" or something like that. Hahah!! I about died. I'm sure Nike had Tiger do all of those recordings way before all this scandal broke out! Cracked me up!

BTW, this picture above I took right before my run. I bought this tank top at Wal-Mart yesterday. It's from Miley Cyrus and I've learned something about buying clothes from a teenager... you have to buy an XL when you normally would wear a Medium! Darn teenagers!

In other random funny news, I was in one of our satellite offices yesterday helping stuff bags for a distribution they are doing. I was in the bathroom fixing my hair in front of the mirror and this lady was standing next to me. Then, just randomly, she said to me "You know, before I leave the house in the morning, I have to check myself in the mirror to make sure I put my pants on." wtf??? lol! I was like "haha, okk?" No idea where that  came from!

I'm going to play along with Kelly's "Friday Funny" as soon as she puts the links up! :) This is the first time I've joined up, but I couldn't pass up these funny things that happened to me this week. (usually that kind of stuff never happens).

Play along if you'd like!

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  1. Yeah The pant's thing is funny. hehehehe

  2. OMIGOSh. That is funny. And funnier because it came from a stranger!! Hahah :-D I mean, what do you say back in response?? Happy Friday, Stephanie!!

  3. That's great that you run that far! I suck at running!Random about the pants but I guess I know how that is! Sometimes I worry I am forgetting my pants too! :-)