Friday, April 2, 2010


So it's Good Friday, it's Easter weekend, and the weather is gorgeous!

I can't wait for my run tomorrow - here's my number:

So today the three-headed-monster came around again. It's been a few weeks since I'd seen her, which was nice. My dog Amira barked, ran towards her, then ran back inside. She was fine, really. Her dogs were going crazy as usual. I came back out with Layla a few minutes later and she was a little further away talking to someone. I heard/thought she was telling them our address to get us in trouble. Oh reeeaaallly? I was ready to handle this situation.

So, today over lunch I stopped by the office to drop off our rent check, and talked to the manager. We didn't have a note on our door complaining (yet), so I decided to bring it up. I told her the situation, and the manager said the three-headed-monster did call this morning to complain that my dog was off it's leash. (I knew it.) So, I was happy to tell my side of the story and avoid getting written up again. I told her, truthfully, that we've been there two years and never had any problems. It's early in the morning and NORMALLY no one is around. I let my dogs out, they go potty, and run back inside. No problems. But I told her this lady and her three dogs are sometimes right there in front of my apartment. Her stupid dogs freak out, she can barely control them, and it gets crazy. HowEVER, my dogs listen to me and run back inside while she is out there trying to hold onto the three monsters choking on their *leashes* to get at my little doggies. It is very frustrating.

The manager was very nice, said she'd talk to the lady (er, monster), and just simply asked me to keep my dogs on a leash at all times. Fine. Even though it's 7AM and no one is there, I'll keep them on a leash to go pee. It's inconveinent, but fine. But I have a plan.

Next time I have my dogs out on a leash going pee in the morning and the monster is there, I'm just gonna take my dogs on a little walk. RIGHT BEHIND HER. See if she can control her dogs then. See if she keeps coming around THEN. Humph.

No one messes with my girls!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Great pics! You two make a beautiful couple. I am here from FF and am now following you. I hope you follow me back. Happy Easter.

  2. You are too funny.
    I saw your picture and thought for a second you had cut your hair short. It's just pulled back, right?
    Getting stuff ready for tomorrow...yum. Can't wait.

  3. You go Steph! Teach that Monster a lesson! LOL
    I would give anything to see a video of you walking behind her and her trying to control her crazy dogs!!!

  4. I would do that to. People just find anything to complain about.

  5. Oh boy you do need to teach the monster a lesson, sorry she is being mean again! Good luck on your race!!

  6. I didn't read the post, just looked at the picture of your sweet dogs. Now I know who the three headed monster is. She sounds like an unhappy person. Sorry she is picking on you Stephanie! Shame on her.