Monday, April 12, 2010

The swing of things

As always, the weekend came and went too quickly. It always seems to go faster and is less relaxing when we travel (like to Tampa or Orlando). Driving several hours and packing/unpacking ourselves and two dogs isn't exactly relaxing. But it's always good to see family - we saw Eric's family in Orlando this weekend.

I saw the doctor on Friday for my throat and she said it was allergies. I've NEVER had allergies before in my life. It has been so bad around here car is covered in yellow dust every day. I guess I finally reached my "threshold" of tolerance. My throat still hurts a little bit, but I am feeling better. I started taking vitamins last night which helped.

I've been super irritable latley. I'm sure it has to do with not feeling good for a week, but I really just don't feel like myself. I haven't gone running since last Monday, which I hope to fix tonight, even though it's gonna be tough to get back into the swing of things.

I'm going to make an "irritated" list. If you don't want to, don't read it. But I'm typing it.

I am irritated at Layla who is getting big and strong and too playful for her own good. I'm irritated at my husband for spending money on a fan that moves even though he already has one that doesn't move. I'm irritated that we haven't gotten the $700 back from the thief in Georgia yet. I'm irritated that I've been so tired latley. I'm irritated that I still don't have any of My Documents at work. I'm irritated that I don't feel "lovey dovey" towards my husband and that I feel like a bad wife. I'm irritated that I always have to remember everything, know where everything is, and pick up after everyone. I'm irritated that I apparently forgot Layla's antibiotics in Orlando. I'm irritated that Eric never remembers to give Layla her antibiotics. I'm irritated that the dog lady called the Brevard County animal people and we got a "courtsey notice" of our two dogs being "at large". I'm irritated that I don't know what I'm making for dinner tonight, I still need to go grocery shopping for the next two weeks, and I have no menu made. I'm irritated that the older I get the worse I feel after drinking and that makes me remember I'm getting older. I'm irritated that Mark Zuckerberg is my age and made $3 billion last year.

I'm irritated that I'm irritated with all of these stupid things.

I need to eat some of these ...

With some of this ...

Here. By myself.

Then I promise I won't be irritated anymore.


  1. sorry girl. Just is a new week and hopefully great things are in store for you! Good luck running. I took a break this weekend too cause of a headcold/allergies. arent they the worst! ANDDD...that lady is crazy. hopefully that is all over!

  2. :( I hate the lovey-dovey thing and feeling like a bad wife. Right there with you. It sucks.

    Here's to a week of new beginnings! Let us know all about your run!

  3. lol...that's a great list. You need to give them all to God, and have some quiet time with Him. Things have been piling up on you and you have been rather agitated at life and the happenings, so the stress has taken it's toll. Get some time alone and pray through it. :) That's your mama's advise.
    I know when YOU get irritated, it's bad...cuz you usually are the last one to do so.
    love, mom

  4. I've been feeling pretty bummed out lately so don't feel bad. I am irritated about: student loans, money, not loosing any weight, having no motivation to work out and not sleeping. I feel ya on the allergies, I've had them since I was 13 and got asthma last year - my sinuses have been killing me for days.

    Hope that you have a better week :)

  5. Everybody has days like this! Where everything irritates you. Don't sweat it. It's good to let it out and not have it sit inside you and stew. Chances are you will get up tomorrow and feel much better - it's a new day!