Thursday, April 8, 2010

Say a little prayer...

UPDATE: They did an x-ray (even though the vet said she wasn't limping at all for her) and found nothing, which is good news. :) Probably just a sprain or bruise. I got some doggy asprin and she should be fine. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for my girl! :)

This morning when I let Amira out she was limping and wouldn't put any weight on her front left foot. I have no idea what happened, other than last night she was playing with Layla and I heard Amira hit something, but I thought it was her head. I held her for a while, and she was fine as far as I could tell.

She's at the vet now getting an x-ray at some point... please say a little prayer that she will be ok! :( I'm so worried about her tiny little self!


  1. AWWW....Ill be praying for her. Not fun when a pet gets hurt :(
    Get better soon Amira!!! Some get well wishes coming your way from French Camp Mississippi! :)

  2. That is such a cute picture. Praying for your "baby". This is just a precursor of having your own kids!

  3. I hope she feels better soon! I'm sure she'll be fine, my small dogs have limped in the past but they always get better, they're just small and fragile!

  4. told me my first didn't x3!

  5. Hope Amira feels better and that she is ok!