Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here we go again...

So here goes... I promised an update on the "situation". I'm so over it, and so tired of her shennegans but hopefully it will be dealt with tonight at 5:30.

So yesterday, the manager Lauren called me and wanted to meet with Eric and I AND the monster lady. I wasn't too keen on the idea, but I agreed reluctantly. I also had the manger assure me that it wouldn't get out of control, because every interaction we've had with the monster in the past she is calling me names and yelling at me. Lauren assured me that would not happen.

About 10 minutes after we agreed to the meeting, which was supposed to be last night, Lauren called back and said we didn't need to meet because the monster had agreed to MOVE OUT!! That was the best news I'd heard all day! Eric and I were both sooo relieved. However she still wanted to see the video we took where the monster is walking in front of our apartment and calls me a "dumb bitch". So we stopped by over lunch and spoke with her, showed her the video, and I felt it was a good meeting. Lauren seemed relieved the other lady was moving out too... which apparently was because she refused to meet with all of us at the same time, so Lauren gave her some options, one of which was to move out, so she agreed to that. She said for us to let her know if the monster continues to walk in front of our apartment, because she had instructed her not to. It really feels like the apartment management is on "our side" and realizes this lady is purposefully antagonizing us.

Ok, so fast forward to a few hours later, and Lauren calls and says the monster changed her mind and wants to stay, so now we need to meet. OMG. (you can see why I'm sooo over this right now) Talk about disappointing. So I reluctantly agree once again. The meeting is tonight at 5:30.

I'm not as nervous about the meeting today as I was yesterday, because we've already talked to the manager and kind of told our side of the story. All we want is for the monster to stop walking in front of our place and to leave us alone. I don't think that is too much to ask. It seems she may already be listening to Lauren's instructions because she did NOT walk there this morning. Hopefully we're making progress... but I'm not holding my breath, because I don't have any faith at all that this lady is a decent person.

I feel like crap today, which I'm pretty sure is stress-related. My voice is almost gone, it doesn't hurt but it feels like my throat is swollen, and I'm kinda sore all over. I went running this morning but it wasn't a very good run ... kinda slow. I just can't wait for this week to be over! I am going to take a half day off on Friday which I'm really looking forward to.

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for my sanity at 5:30PM tonight! :) Thanks!


  1. I am hoping this meeting goes well and she just leaves you alone. I hope you start feeling better

  2. Just stay calm and cool headed. Praying for you.

  3. Neighborhood drama...always a fun time had by all.
    Good luck tonight!

  4. I love that site! Im glad I was able to help you find it :) You will have to do a picture post from it some time! :)
    Praying for you that everuthing goes well tonight!!

  5. Hope things get better! Keep your head held high girl.