Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, it's Monday alright

I swear, a wonderful, relaxing weekend can be ruined by a bad night of sleep and a horrible day called MONDAY!

Our neighbors have been out of town on vacation and have someone staying in their apartment to watch their dog, Mikey. They've been gone a week and will probably be there another week. We're pretty good friends with them, and before they left we exchanged house keys (she's helped me let Layla out before when I couldn't come home for lunch, etc.). So anyway, for the better part of yesterday late afternoon we heard Mikey barking in his crate. He seriously never gets tired of barking. He must find it entertaining, or he's just so lonley that he wants to hear some noise. I don't know. Anyway, I kept waiting to see if he would stop and if the guy watching him would come back home. Well we went to bed, and Mikey was still barking. I must've fallen asleep, but woke up at midnight to hear Mikey STILL barking!!! Now, I wasn't irritated so much at his barking as I was that the guy "watching" him still wasn't back yet!! If that someone was supposed to be watching my dogs I'd be pretty upset!

So I get up, find the key to their apartment, knock just to make sure the guy isn't home, and go in there to let Mikey out to finally go potty. When he was done, I moved his crate into their bathroom and turned the fan on because I thought that would make his barking a little less noticable on our end. I left the guy a note telling him what I did. When I got back into bed I turned on our "sleepytime" music and it was much, much quieter and I was able to fall back asleep.

But seriously, I'm going to talk to my neighbor Callie about poor Mikey later today! I hope she doesn't mind that I took the liberty to let him out for them. I think if that was my dog, I wouldn't mind! I think that guy needs to realize you can't leave dogs unattended in crates for hours on end!!

This morning Eric got up before me because he had PT, and apparently Layla had pooped/peed all in her crate and was covered in it. He "yelled" at me (that's how it seemed that early in the morning, anyway) to come give her a bath because he had to go to PT. I was so pissy because I still had 30 minutes left to sleep and now it was ruined!!

THEN, when I let Amira out she rolled in some mud and was covered in it!! I just gave her a bath yesterday too!


Oh wait, to add insult to injury, we found out that our new upstairs neighbor isn't very nice or friendly. I knew he was military, but we weren't sure what rank he was. Turns out he's a First Sergeant (grreeeaaat) and doesn't like dog poop on "his side". Yeah, our first "introduction" was him knocking on our door and asking if we pick up our dogs poo because "if that's the rule then everyone should be doing it, and I'm trying to figure out which dog is pooping on my side."

Seriously dude? For starters, you've been here all of three days and you're already being a pain? News flash: you don't HAVE a "side" when you live in an apartment. Two, you may be a high and mighty First Sergeant at work, but here, you're just a noisy upstairs neighbor who is already getting on my nerves. Three, we pick up after our dogs, thankyouverymuch. (remember there's a bunch of people who have dogs around here, NOT just us! Remember the three headed monster!)

Monday, Monday go away! Don't come back another day!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to me vent. :) I feel better already. Haha.


  1. no bueno.

    whatever happened to lucille?!?

  2. :-(
    This morning, one of my friends on facebook said something like, "Bad Mondays are all because of attitude-- each day is Friday in my opinion" and I was all, "SHUT UP! Monday's suck!!!" ;-) Hope it gets better!

  3. I had an awful nights sleep too, woke up at 4am instead of 6am and just couldn't fall back there are a ton of ppl out at my work today so its slow and making me even more tired!

    Hope your week gets better!

  4. Wow. And I thought I had it bad. Poor thing. Can't stand barking dogs either.
    Don't let it ruin your whole day today. Think of something pink and positive!
    Praying for you.

  5. You did the right thing by letting their poor dog out.. You should definitely tell them about their house guest's lack of concern...

    Sorry your day is starting out bad. Go for a run tonight and soak in the tub with a large glass of wine!! :D

  6. my monday morning was not so great either... hope it gets better.

  7. Booo, no fun. Yes, dogs bark for fun. It's self-rewarding, and if they're bored, it's something to do. So if she'd been in her crate for HOURS I'd guess she was bored! What a jerk who was caring for her!

    Try to ensure Layla doesn't "go" in her crate again...if she gets used to it she will develop "dirty dog syndrome," where she loses her natural desire to stay clean, and be VERY VERY VERY hard to housebreak. Sometimes there's nothing you can do, and it sure sounds like you're doing everything right, just a heads up 'cause that can be a HUGE PAIN. :P

    Look into your puppy's eyes and you'll fall back in love. Maybe they can even melt away Monday for you!

  8. There are way too many not dog people and not nice dogs where you live! I hope that not nice lady stayed away too!