Monday, March 29, 2010

Not much to say

It's a rainy Monday here in Florida.

I'm extra tired today because we did the whole getting-up-every-two-hours thing for Layla last night. She has diarrhea - again. I've called the vet and am waiting to hear back. It may be as simple as getting a refill on antibiotics. I hope.

Some girls in the office are ordering chinese to be delievered for lunch - a great alternative to going out in this rain! My wonnnerful hubby is going home to let the dogs out so I can stay nice and dry. Thanks babe!

The good news is, after today's rain, look at the forcast (in Melbourne, FL) for the rest of the week! AMAZING!

I'll take it! :)


  1. I don't like this weather at all. Did get out to swim though and it was nice. Yes...the rest of the week looks wonderfully promising doesn't it? Hey--didn't think you liked Chinese. What do you eat?
    Did you get my note about the DVD's to bring back this weekend?
    Your Easter Baskets look awesome too.


  2. Yeah, it's raining here in PA today too, i hate the rain, but i am happy it's finally Spring!

  3. Spring = days of constant rain in Ohio but we are going to have sunshine and warm weather starting Wednesday and I cannot wait!

  4. We have nice weather coming our way in MN too!!! Can't wait :-) Granted, it's not 80... but 70 and really sunny. Doncha just love nice weather??

  5. hey steff - in my wedding plans and research (which i'm up to my ears in.. wanna give any advice..:) i came acrossed this blog and thought of you right away.. not sure why.. but here ya go if you want to check it out.

  6. I hope Layla is feeling better and yay for sunshine after the rain!