Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, and the three-headed-monster!

Well I totally missed Writer's Workshop yesterday! Bummer!

So far this week I've worked out 4 out of 5 days, which is awesome for me! I'm feeling it though... I did weights and lunges yesterday and am still a little sore from those, in addition to running MWF!

One kind of bummer thing - the apartment above us has been empty for a while now, but someone just moved in last night. UGH. I SO like it better empty! 

I'm just gonna vent for a second... so hang in there. :) Latley in the mornings when I let the dogs out, there has been this lady walking three dogs right in front of our apartment. Now, it's not like we're on a main road of the complex or anything. In fact, our little section doesn't even connect, it's like a dead end with brush behind us. I don't understand why she can't stay on the main road and stop bugging us! When I let Amira and Layla out, normally I just open the door (sometimes only in my little pajama shirt and underwear)... they're not on a leash but they run out and pee, and run back inside. They're both really good. But latley this lady has been out there at the SAME TIME. This causes her trifecta of dogs to go crazy, and so Amira starts barking like crazy too and totally loses her head. (remember, she's off the leash) I have to yell at her, above the noise of the other three damn barking dogs, to get her back inside. It's SUPER ANNOYING.

So last night she showed up (I have affectionately named her the three-headed monster) while I had my dogs out and was talking to my neighbor, Heather, who had her little dog out too. Oh, the craziness that ensued. It was just a mad-house, because there was basically 6 dogs barking like crazy. Then one of the three-headed-monster's dogs got off its leash, started chasing Amira around... oh lord have mercy. When I finally got Amira in the house, the three-headed monster and I finally spoke. This is a first - normally we're just yelling at our dogs, and by the time I get mine inside, I'm too pissed to talk to her. I asked her if she had just moved in because I'd never seen her around here before (we've been there over two years). She responded, just dripping with attitude (like SHE'S annoyed that MY dogs are barking at her obnoxious bunch. PUH-LEASE).

"No, I've been here TWO YEARS."

"Oh, I've just never seen you around here before." (hint, hint, go away!)

(no response)

"So, are all of these dogs yours?"


Ooooook then! So take your dog-walking business somewhere else, lady! (I wish I had the balls to say that)

Nowadays, I've been peeking out the blinds before I let my dogs out to hopefully make sure the monster isn't out there. It's still hit-or-miss. I'll just have to wait until Layla gets big enough to scare her away! LOL!

Ahhh, well, anyway. Tonight we're going to a movie with some friends, and other than that we have no plans for the rest of the weekend. It's supposed to be 79 degrees and sunny on Saturday.

You know what that means.


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  1. I do not miss living in an apartment. Last place I lived the guys above us would play basketball in the kitchen and dribble balls till 2am - I hated

  2. Okay shoot me an email on how to do that whole comment thing lol - is the email I use for my comments.

    Thank ya much!

  3. Ooh, no fun, I do not know how I would handle NOT having a fenced backyard for our puppy. Our adorable, adorable puppy. :) Fun for you, so glad the economy is springing up dog-walkers everywhere! :P

    Also, where do you live that it's sunny and in the 70s??? We finally got a bit of "sunny" in the puget sound, but it's still freeeeezing. Beach..that sounds awesome.

  4. OK, yes, that does sound nice and warm. Now. But far TOO warm come July. I guess I can suffer the cold a bit longer :-) (I'm such a wuss about being too hot!)

  5. Oh enjoy your time getting away at the beach - I hope to get out there too! :) That lady does not sound nice at all. I hope she goes away and leaves your doggie alone!