Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Donate supplies for troops in Haiti

I received an email yesterday from my husbands squadron. They are collecting items for troops who have been in Haiti for over 30 days and are running out of basic supplies. They have no facility to purchase items, so they're looking for donations from you and me! I send out an email to everyone at my office today, and I hope to have some items to bring to Patrick AFB by Friday afternoon. If not, I plan to puchase some myself anyway!

Obviously, you can't donate items directly to me, but I have good news if you ARE interested in helping out! There is an address you can mail things directly to (see the list below of needs):

24 AEG, APO AA 34063

CMSgt Delebreau is stationed at our base here in Melbourne, Florida. He's a 920th Rescue Wing Command Chief, and was deployed to Haiti from Patrick AFB.

I think it would be AWESOME if you guys would take the time to mail off a small box to these troops!!! If you do, please comment and let me know! I will be sure to pass it along to the Air Force Sergeants Association (the group organizing this effort). Obviously some of the items on their "wish list" normal people won't have access to (PT gear, reflective belts, etc.) but I would recommend taking a look at the needed items and doing what you can!

Obviously I feel very strongly about supporting our troops and take every opportunity to pass this information along. Please feel free to post a link to this on your blogs and let everyone you can know about this important effort.

Needed Items:

personal hygiene items
face soap
feminine products
laundry soap
anti- fungi creams and/or sprays
foot powder
shower shoes

Wish List:
PT gear
ABU items
t shirts
under wear
hand towels
laundry bags
field hats
reflective belts
utility belt tan
boot blousers
field hats
boonie hats
Dr. Scholls foot pads
bug spray
Monster energy products
Lysol spray
Beef Jerky
smokeless tobacco
flash lites
reading lites
garbage bags
zip lock bags
microwave food products

THANK YOU! You guys are amazing!


  1. Hey! Just got your comment on my blog!! Thanks girl!

    This is such an amazing thing! I'll have to check out the rest of your blog later! Hope you have a great day!!

  2. hey! Im gonna print this off and see what I can do! I am working with the student Union team here and see if we cant get some donations up and go out and buy some stuff!

  3. sounds like a great idea. i remember doing stuff like this when my dad was in the gulf war.