Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Decisions, decisions

I feel a little nervous, like in a few months our lives will change a lot.

In just about 7 months Eric will get out of the military. In approx. 4 months he will start applying for jobs at every police department he has been researching over the past few months. Next month he's paying $450 out of pocket to take this "equivelency of training" required in order to transfer from being military police to civillian police. Last night he told me he wants to start putting another $125 extra each paycheck aside in case he has a lapse of employment between getting out of the military and getting hired on at a police department.

Wait, what?!?

I couldn't believe how incredibely nervous that made me, thinking about that. I don't want Eric to EVER be without a job. Plus, why would you give up a perfectly great, well-paying, promotion-guaranteed, government-funded job to start something NEW and SCARY? Additionally, I don't like the thought of not having $125 each paycheck. I mean we'll have it, but not really. We're already putting $175 aside from my paycheck for our house fund. We have our spending and bills pretty set right now, and granted we probably spend more than we need to, but... I like it that way!! Haha. I'm spoiled!

I like the life we have. I don't like thinking about cutting corners, cutting back, or worrying about jobs.

I WANT to make Eric tell the potential police departments, "Here is my drop dead date I need to be hired by. If you can't do that, see ya later, alligator." Then, he if he's not hired by October 17th (he's officially "out" on the 18th) then I want him to re-enlist. But he doesn't want to. So I'm torn. Re-enlisting is a 4-year committment. Personally I don't care either way - he can stay in or get out - as long as he has a job. I'm happy either way. I just want stability.

That's about where it stands right now. We talked about it for like 30 minutes last night and I still don't like it. I said "let's talk about this later." Like that will make it go away. Ha.

This isn't all about Eric's job. If we move too far away (as in, if the only department that will hire him is in Lakeland or Tampa) then I can't keep my job here in Melbourne. The goal is for him to get hired in Orlando so I can just drive a little farther and keep this job for a few more years. Again, those are OUR plans. God only knows how this will play out.

Additionally, I quit my Medical Transcriptionist school I'd been doing since January. The military gave me $6000 for school, and I used $2,500 for this course. If I quit, I just lose that money. I am not a quitter, but once I started the course it just wasn't what I thought it would be. I can NEVER see myself doing that as a job. It's tedious, hard, detailed, and the job market is declining because of technology and voice recognition software. I decided to cut my losses and get out while I can. Plus I just don't have time or motivation anymore. I'm only 17% done with the program, and I'm on the easy part. It just wasn't for me.

I feel so relieved to not have that project anymore!! :)

I still haven't uploaded pictures from last weekend, but should be able to do that tonight. I'm super excited that I have a 4-day weekend coming up! I took off Friday and Monday as we're headed to Georgia for my cousins wedding. Yay!


  1. Relaxxxxxx!! God will take care of you and Eric. Even if [GASP!] you have to cut corners or he has a slight lapse in employment, you will get through it and He will provide. During seasons like this where there is so much uncertainty, you learn what it means to LEAN on Him alone and not your own understanding or way of doing things.

    ....Take it from someone who's had God redirect them in every way possible and had everything I thought I wanted change, without the added comfort of financial comfort on top of that! lol

    You will be better for all of it. Hang on and ENJOY the ride ♥

  2. Ahh, don't you just hate the unknown? Makes me super nervous too :-S Greg has a cousin who has his BS and Masters in criminal law (etc) and can't buy himself a police job. However, that is Kansas! With Eric's military experience, you would think that he'd be a shoe-in right??

    You're right, one always has their own plans and it doesn't always pan out. Greg and I have been tossed out in so many directions, and believe me-- you survive! ;-) Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  3. Well girlie, just look at your parents...do you understand now what I've gone thru the past 6 months? We've had a steady income for 26 plus years...exception being the trip to GA. But even then, we were okay. You will be fine. You are spoiled! ha. Of course it doesn't help any when your expenses are right about what you make in income. Best to eliminate all the debt you can, and Save like crazy. Life truly can change on us in a blink of an eye...but God is ALWAYS in control. I actually think it would be cool if you both moved to Lakeland...then you'd be closer to us!

  4. Awww, sorry it's so tough right now girl. Will pray for ya'll as you make some tough decisions! Love!

  5. Changes and the unknown are tough, but hang in there love! God has some amazing plans in store for you and just take one step at a time, try to figure everything out the best you can, and I am sure all will fall into place.

  6. I totally know what you mean with unknowns, but a bit different. I want to quit my job and go to a different one..but it's hard to take the plunge without having a guaranteed job once I'm out! Eek!

    Also, I wish I could follow you in my google reader :-( I can follow you via blogger or via e-mail, but I am a google-reader girl! Am I missing a link somewhere for an RSS follow?