Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend recap

Our plans changed this weekend when Eric started feeling pretty sick on Friday. We had plans to go bowling with friends Friday night, but ended up staying home because he had a fever and sore throat. Poor guy. :( I cleaned up the house, did laundry, and make sugar cookies! (I got the recipe from Kelly!! Thanks girl!)

It was soooo relaxing. Eric went to bed super early so I lit a candle, played some Norah Jones, and started baking!

Gotta have something relaxing to drink too! :)

I made circles and hearts (I looked for more cookie cutters but didn't find anything good)

The cream cheese was DEFINITELY the better of the two!

So yummy!

I brought a bag with me this weekend and they were a hit. It was fun to do something that I don't do very often and just relax. :) Thanks again for the inspiration Kelly!

Saturday we slept in a little bit (well more Eric than me). I went for a run, got my car washed/cleaned, then headed out to Tampa by myself and sickly Eric stayed home.Once I got there I dropped Amira off at my sisters house and headed out to Sams to buy food for dinner. So about Sams Club. I used my sisters membership card because obviously I don't have or need one. My mom used to do all of her shopping there when we were kids, so I'm very familiar with it, and there was nothing crazy about it back then. But NOW when I go, I can't IMAGINE buying food that HUGE! lol The pack of chicken I bought was 16 lbs!! I was going to buy some baked beans but they only sold the GIANT can! I bought a bag of corn and it was like 10 lbs! Hahah. Wow. I'm sure you save money, but only if you can actually USE all that food! Ok, moving on...

We had a good time at dinner. The guys grilled the chicken with BBQ sauce, I made corn and had chips and dip. I got Nik two platters of sushi which is all she ate. I got a bottle of wine then realized no one had a bottle opener... so my brother came to the rescue! :)

Note the ghettofabulous way to open a bottle of wine! LOL

But hey, it worked, and you do what you need to. *wink*

Most of the night we just relaxed, watched the boys play, and talked.

Pretty much all JJ and Brandon are into are trucks, trucks and more trucks. (Brandon has a little bit more versatility, but still).

This is JJ mesmerized by watching monster trucks on You Tube:

He cried so hard when it was time to get off and go to bed!

I got home around lunch time today and Eric is feeling a little bit better - no fever but still has a sore throat. I'm hoping it's not strep because I think that's pretty contagious! I'm crossing my fingers that I don't get sick too!

Tonight Eric and I cuddled in bed with his laptop to look at excursions for our cruise (we're going to swim with dolphins and snuba!), then watched Saw 6. EEK!

I hope everyone else had a good, relaxing weekend!


  1. All fun...except you had to end it with a horror movie. Arg!
    Hey, email the pic of me and Brandon...cuteness.
    Your cookies were awesome...good enough to make me eat one! (And yeah, your corn was pretty good too...but too much salt. heh heh)
    I like your new blog layout. Pretty simple...but elegant.
    Have a good week. Love ya. xoxox MOM
    You'll have to help me do a photo thingey at the bottom like you and that cursive "Keep going" is awesome.

  2. Glad you liked the cookie recipe!! Wish I had some with me right NOW! :-)

    Sounds like a fun weekend, other than Eric getting sick :-(

  3. Beautiful photos. Have a nice day Radka.