Friday, February 5, 2010


I had a thought today (I've been thinking a lot latley) that maybe I should stop having such fun plans for my weekends, because it makes the work week go by so slowly!! Haha. I'm super excited for this weekend (Mary Kay party tomorrow, and Superbowl Sunday)! And the next weekend too (Valentines Day)!! And the weekend after that we're celebrating my sister's birthday in Tampa! Oh well, I guess the working in between is what ALLOWS me to have such fun weekends, so I shouldn't complain.

Yesterday I was such a grouch. I really don't have a particular reason why, it was just one of those days. On Thursdays at our office we can wear jeans if we pay $1 (goes towards "free money" - or what we call "green" money - for our organization), so now Thursdays always feel like Friday to me. It's kinda depressing when you remember you still have to work the next day. Plus, this week has been kinda slow work-wise, so the days have been draaaaaging by (this is rare at my job, so I shouldn't complain too much).

So, even though I was a grouch last night, my uber sweet husband could tell something was wrong and sat down to talk. I really couldn't say what was bugging me, except that work has been boring, and I want it to be the weekend so I can have a beer and relax! Haha. I worked on school for a while (which is also getting repetitive and borrrring) and Eric said I should take a bath and then he'd give me a foot rub. What a cutie pie he is! :) I couldn't ask for a  better husband. I went to bed at 9PM and woke up feeling MUCH better this morning.

TGIF everyone!


  1. Ahh you have the life don't you? So what's the party for Nik in Tampa? Do I know anything about this yet?
    We have a BUSY weekend, blah. But would like to plan some fun for Superbowl Sunday too.
    Do you think you will stick with the school stuff? Kind of sounds like you might get really bored with it.
    What are you guys going to do on V-day?
    Love ya...Mama

  2. Hey I am sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. Yeah the school stuff does get repetitive but it will pay off when you finish and can work from home!

  3. oh I'm so sorry yesterday was an off day!! Some days just are like it! Glad its Friday!! What a sweet husband you have ;) Have a great time with your sister for her birthday!! Have a great weekend!