Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our first "real" wedding anniversary

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Our First "Real" Anniversary

The date we celebrate as our anniversary is June 4, 2008. That's the day we went to the courthouse and got legally married! Eric was deployed three months later, and while he was gone I planned our "wedding ceremony" which was on May 3, 2009.
Anyway, this picture is from our first anniversary, June 4, 2009. Obviously it was only one month after our big "wedding ceremony" so we didn't want to do anything major (and had no money! lol). Eric and I decided to switch off every year, taking turns planning the anniversary. I took year one, he'll have year two, etc. For our first year, I secretly reserved a hotel room on the beach for us. I bought some sexy lingere, wine, rose petals, and candles and got off work early to go check in and set everything up.
The best part was I made a scavanger hunt for Eric to do once he got off of work, because he didn't know where I was at. I left the first clue in the mailbox (he always checks the mail), the others in our house, and the last one in our apartment office. I printed them all on one piece of paper then cut them into squares. On the back I had the address of where I was at! :) It was so fun to plan, and kind of nerve-wracking... I'm a control freak so not knowing if he would find them in order or on time was hard. But it all worked out and we had a GREAT time! I had the room all set up when he got there. We went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant and came back for some drinks and a movie. It was rainy that night, but the next day was really nice so we laid out on the beach for a few hours before heading home. Good times and great memories! :)
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  1. I love your mini me on the side bar. Very cute.
    I'll mention to Dad what you said. LOL.

  2. Aww, that is a great photo and even greater story! You and Amira look wonderful over there ;-) You DO have blue eyes right?? I was looking through some of your pictures on here and I can't tell... if they're not, I'll change it!