Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday. Need I say more?

Oh, Monday's. Gotta hate love them.

So I get in at 8:15 this morning and see an email from the CEO that she needs this letter of support for an organization by 10:00. I email the girl who needs to do it. She's out until tomorrow. So I email the COO who could also do it; he's leaving at 9:30. By now it's almost 9:00, so I email the CEO back and she said to ask the original girls' supervisor to write it. Of course she's in the COO's office so they're BOTH tied up. Eventually, I tracked her down in a different suite, she wrote the letter, my supervisor edited it, and by 10:30 I had it emailed to the organization. Whew.

There's also an email from the CEO asking questions about her trip to Tallahassee this Wednesday. Where is the meeting located? (The Supreme Court. Don't ask me which room....) Can you get me a map from the hotel to the meeting location? (Already did that. In the packet I gave you last Thursday.) Are there any materials to review? (Um, I have no idea? Ok, ok I'll find out...) Also, I had previously reserved her two different hotel rooms waiting for her decision on one. She decided, so I cancel one and keep the other. Last week she decided she wanted to take a rental car. I research which location is closest to her house, will they pick her up, which is cheapest, will it be cheaper to return Friday night or Saturday morning... you get the picture.

If I've learned one thing, it's that CEO's like options. I've learned to think of the questions she's going to ask and have them answered before she can ask.

Today, she canceled the trip to Tally.

Oh, my poor, abused brain. Hey at least this time there wasn't a flight involved! (Yes, that's happened before. Oh and a side-note about planes for my CEO: never reserve a flight that uses a "puddle jumper"...even if you don't think it's a puddle jumper because it holds 200 people. That's still a puddle jumper.)

Oh yeah, and I got payroll done today (the HR side of what I do) so everyone will get paid this Friday.

Yay for Monday's!

I'm going home to run it out tonight.


  1. And I thought my Mondays were difficult. phew.

  2. Hang in there sweetie - you are doing great at your work it sounds like!