Friday, February 19, 2010

It's ours!

Yesterday I posted about getting an unexpected $500 from the IRS in our tax money. Well Eric called last night and got an automated message saying when they reviewed our tax return they found something or other... and it's correct! We got $500 more than we were planning! :) THAT was exciting news! Haha. We're splitting it up between paying off my new purse, credit card, cruise, and some cruise excursions. Feels so good to be able to do all of that!

Since we're leaving for Tampa tomorrow, some friends want to hang out tonight, which will be grrrreat. Us girls are getting together for lunch today to "scheme" about what we can do tonight. :) After all, it is Melbourne and there's not a lot of options. Ha!

Last night I talked to my sister about the dinner plans for Saturday. After we hung up, she called right back and said "JJ wants to talk to you" and put him on the phone. He can't really 'talk' but all I heard him saying over and over again was "truck (mumble baby talk) truck (blah blah blah) truck"! So I told him "I can't wait to see your new trucks this weekend!" Then Nik got back on the phone and said "He thought you said you wanted to see his new trucks so he just ran off to get them." LOL. I love that kid! Can't wait to see him tomorrow!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Trucks, choo choo and CRASH are his 3 favorite words right now.

  2. uhm can you send some of that perfect life ju ju this way please??

    ; ]

  3. Whohoo, that is so awesome I'm glad you get some extra $$. Have fun with the above cutie!