Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend recap

I can tell it's Monday because I forgot my computer glasses at home... sigh.

We had a great weekend! As always it went too fast, but was fun while it lasted. I have several friends who don't have jobs and get to stay home all the time... sometimes I'm so jealous of them! But on the other hand, I'd probably go crazy and be super bored if I didn't have something to do. At least I get paid for staying busy and I mostly enjoying what I do. :)

Friday night Eric and I hung around the house, I cleaned, had a few drinks and made chicken quesadillas. We slept in Saturday, then Eric left to volunteer at the Special Olymics event w/ Patrick AFB. He finished early and I was done cleaning the house, so we went out to lunch together and got some groceries for my Mary Kay party and our Superbowl snacks.

Saturday around 4PM all the girls came over (Eric and the guys went out and ate 2lb. hamburgers or something like that) for my party. We had a great time and I got a few MK items.

Amira was all pretty in pink :)

Once the MK party was officially "over" it was someones idea to go out to Coconuts ... and happened to mention there was a tattoo parlor nearby.

So ... guess who got a tattoo this weekend?!??!

Yours truly! Hahahaa. It was my first one, and definitely the only one I ever want to get! I'm such a baby when it comes to pain, and this was PAINFUL! (don't believe the friends who say it feels like a "sting" or something ridiculous like that. The tattoo artist who said it feels like a "burning knife cutting into your skin" was more realistic! LOL)

My original idea was to get Eric's name on my ring finger (I saw it on the Real Housewives of Orange County), but the tattoo artist said that wouldn't work very well and in a few years it would be a blob of ink because of the location and size. So then I wanted one on the underside of my wrist like my friend Sarah has, but Eric didn't like that idea because it would be too visible. After those two ideas were shot down, I wasn't going to get one because I couldn't figure out where I'd want it. My friends Tiffani and Callie each got one on their foot, so I finally decided to do that as well. I really love it!!

I was calm at this point because he hadn't started drilling into my skin yet ...

...but not for long! I was gritting my teeth!

It was over in 20 minutes though, and hasn't really hurt since!

Here's Tiffani getting some feathers on her foot:

And Callie got her husband's name too:

(Jenna - the other girl in these pics- got the Gemini symbol on her hip too, but I don't have any pics.)

Soooo it was a fun fun weekend! I'm tired though! Haha. I'm looking forward to this weeknd being Valentines Day and not having a lot of crazy plans. :) Hopefully just relaxing together and  reminicing back three years ago when we met in Paris. <3 Ahh.


  1. Omigosh, looks cool! I would have had to have a ton of drinks in my system to be calm enough to get a tattoo ;-) It looks so cute! Hope your Monday goes well!

  2. Cute new tattoo and the doggie looks adorable!