Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

This week seems to be going by fairly quickly for me! I'm super excited about that. Tomorrow is THURSDAY already (jeans day!) and my supervisor is buying pizza for me and another co-worker! Yum Yum.

Speaking of food, I thought I'd share our menu for the next couple of weeks, just for fun.

Wednesday (tonight) - Herb pesto chicken with linguine (believe it or not, a Weight Watchers recipe!)
Thursday - Chili wraps (mimick Sonic's chili wraps) - I use turkey chili for mine, Eric uses regular chili. Add a few Fritos (onions if you wish) and wrap it up! Yum!
Friday - Grilled chicken kabobs - marinated chicken with red peppers and onions (the veggies only for Eric!)
Saturday - Eating in Tampa for sister's birthday
Sunday - Pizza
Monday - BBQ Turkey Joe's
Tuesday - Calzone pinwheels
Wednesday - Shepherd's Pie (healthier version with super lean beef and low-fat cheese)
Thursday - Tacos! (one of my FAVES)
Friday - Payday so probably eating out or grilling w/ friends!

I love planning out our meals. It makes shopping easier and Eric always likes looking on the fridge to see "what's for dinner tonight". I can thank my mom for doing this my entire life... now I copy her!

Just a few quick highlights:

- I'm thankful my hubby has been putting away his Xbox stuff when he's done, and not leaving it for me to clean up. ALSO he's been making the bed when he's the last one up in the morning! It may seem little but it's a big deal for me!
- We should be getting our tax money this week, so that means a little extra spending money for me!
- I got paid from a website client yesterday so we can pay off our cruise! Just about 3 months away!
- If you haven't noticed, I started tracking how many miles I'm running in my sidebar. I can't believe I ran over 20 miles in December - especially with the holidays and stuff! I hope to keep it up, and not vary so much (10 miles one month, 20 the next). I want to be more consistent.
- Did anyone else have their facebook messed up on Monday night? It might just have been a few profiles, but for at least an hour Monday night, when I'd go to it would redirect me to!! It was so strange! Then when I'd go to my profile it'd redirect me to some kids Myspace profile!! (probably the culprit) It's hard to believe stuff like that happens. Kids these days. Seeshh.

Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. That is sooo great that you plan your meals like that! I can't wait until we have a little bit more $$$ to spend at the grocery store. I absolutely love cooking our favorite meals-- which just so happens to include TACOS too! YUM.

    That is SO weird about your facebook!! And kind of creepy too, hacker-style :-S Along the same lines, yesterday Greg was telling me that their company's Youtube channel videos will have to be embedded or coded paticularly or else they run the risk of porn sites linking up with their videos, etc... WEIRD stuff out here on the internet!

    Hope you're having a great day :-)

  2. Well now that the menu planning thingy is going so well for you, I wonder what else you might "copy" from my life example? Hmmmm?
    Glad you are doing so well. (and so healthy!)
    BTW--did you change your font on this blog lately? It looks different.
    I have a techy question for you too about adding some button links in the sidebar...maybe it can wait until you are here.
    Love ya...see ya Sat. You guys coming here first? If so, when?

  3. Good job to the hubby for helping you clean up and good job with your running - keep it coming girl! I like all of the meals that you posted, sounds like some good meals!