Thursday, February 25, 2010

The day before Friday

So today I got out of a super *yuck* Gynecologist appointment because I didn't know I was 3 months early for my annual, AND I forgot to get authorization from Tricare. Oh well! I'm not too upset about that! Haha. Instead I killed my lunch hour time and went to Wal-Mart for some groceries for our taco party this weekend. I don't know if it's really a "taco party", but we're having people over and I'm making tacos... so, I guess it can be called whatever I want, huh? I also got my car washed for $7 at this drive-through place. My car has been so dirty latley! I just had it washed last weekend too. There is some pollen or something in the air and it's super visible on my car because of the color. It's new to me still, so I like to keep it shiny. :)

I really need to get back on the workout bandwagon. I was doing so well last week, but because of all the nights sleeping on the couch this week I've been tired and grouchy. I got some great sleep last night, so I'm either going to run tonight or in the morning fo sho.

Last night I made a little surprise for Eric and had candles lit and some drinks ready for him when he got home. I just wanted a night of relaxing - nothing else - and just us. We didn't turn the TV on or do much else but talk, have some wine, dinner, and footrubs. After that I slept *super* good so I feel much better today!

Oh oh! Look at the CUTE mini-me that the super awesome Kelly made for me!

I have her posted on my sidebar too, and I'm loving it! :) It's just for fun but I think it's super cute!

Happy day-before-Friday everyone! I'm excited about this weekend. Tomorrow I'll probably have lunch with Eric, and tomorrow night we're having dinner at Smokey Bones with friends and going to see a movie. I wanted to see Shutter Island but they've seen it already, so we're going to see The Crazies I think. I'm pretty sure I might die, so I might sneak some vodka in with me to pour in my diet coke.... haha.


  1. They recorded part of of the movie " The Crazies" right here in Perry... Also a good friend of mine was in it... I babysat for her children quite a few of the days they were recording. I am to afraid to go see it!

  2. I love the mini you, so adorable! Glad you survived your appointment and how sweet of you to surprise your hubby! I love your new header by the way love!

  3. I absolutely need to get back to working out on the regular too! It has become so sporadic for me. Ugh.