Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cruise dresses

The other day on Unique Vintage website I found some super cute dresses I'd love to wear on our cruise in June! I just can't decide!

I have one long dress that is all black, but when I washed it it shrank (it was t-shirt material) so it's too short now. If it's gonna be long, it has to be LONG (like almost touching the floor) in order for me to like it.

I love this one:

I l-o-v-e this design, but i'm afraid it would be too short for my long legs... plus my legs aren't my favorite body part, so I'm not sure about showing them off this much. Haha.

These are some I found on Victoria's Secret (love that store!), and I'd probably end up wearing them with leggings or something underneath... again, not a fan of my legs:

Whatcha think? I also need to do some bikini shopping in a few months. It's always scary to see my bod in a bikini after being covered up all winter. I'm think I'm in decent shape, but just PALE! I hope it warms up so I can get out in the sun on the weekends (not a fan of the fake-bake). It's doesn't look like that will happen any time soon though. This morning in the gym I had the news on and it said we'll be in the 60's all through next week.

*sigh* Sunshine State, where are you??


  1. ohmygah!!! LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE that long floral print dress!!

    I agree, it needs to get a little warmer and sunnier 'round here so we can lay out again :p So ready for spring!

  2. I really really really like the first one! I could so see you wearing it!

  3. The first is def my fav!! Cute stuff!

  4. The first one would be great for a formal night!

    Umm the other one, ya super short...

    Try Target or VS for swim suits

  5. Where are you going on your cruise? If you are going somewhere tropical totally choose the first one, I am in love with it!!