Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to normal

Ahhh. Life is back to normal. Time to get back to the blogging world! :)

We had a great weekend. On Friday night we went out with some friends to downtown Melbourne for dinner and drinks, then came back to Heather's place (our neighbor) to watch a movie and hang out.

(These are some of the most fun girls ever! [Callie and Heather])

We drove to Apopka and picked up my car (which I looove!) on Saturday then spent the night in Orlando with Eric's family.

(Us with my new car -- sorry its blurry)

Sunday we came back to Melbourne, cleaned up the house and went grocery shopping. That was our weekend in a nutshell!

Last night Eric and I were going over our bills/budget and started getting creative with how to save money each month. My new car payment is significantly higher the last one I had, which we planned on, but we would still like to have more flexibility and figure out how to save money. I think the majority of the "extra" money (besides the normal bills) goes towards food/eating out and random trips to Wal-Mart (when you walk in planning to spend $20 and walk out having spent $100). We have decided to do better about that. Also, we used some saved money we had and paid off one of my credit cards, which will save $100 a month in payments. Then I decided to cancel with my personal trainer, seeing I've been with her for over a year, and am doing pretty good on my own. That saves us $120 a month. I will miss working out with her, but feel confident on doing it on my own. (A little side note on that: in the past week or two, I have had FOUR people randomly tell me how I look like I've lost a "ton of weight" and that I "look amazing". Seriously. I don't know where it's coming from, other than the running I've been doing must've toned me up or lost some inches or something! Either way it's super exciting! Haha)

We did our taxes last night, and were kinda bummed out becuase we're getting a LOT less than we did the previous year. Eric spent all night comparing the two, and couldn't find anything (other than we made more money in 2009 than 2008). Oooooh well. So much for the plans we had for that money!

Life is good, though, and other than this nasty, rainy weather I expect it to be a good week. :) I'm hosting a Mary Kay party for a co-worker this Saturday afternoon, which will be fun. Sunday we're headed to Heather's house for a Superbowl Party! Yay! I'm going to make a cheese football and maybe a few other snacks. :)


  1. Yeah for cutting expenses. Yeah for losing weight and looking great! Your schedule is so busy, it makes me tired just reading about all you do. Oh to be young again!
    Love you.

  2. you DO look great!! :D I feel ya on cutting back on your expenses.. Since living on my own and paying ALL the bills by myself, ive had to get pretty creative and much more disciplined about how I spend my money.

    Don't forget... God rewards and blesses good stewards ♥

  3. Taxes are not that much fun, glad you go through yours and are figuring out ways to save $$, that is always important. Cute picture with your friends sweetie!