Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ugh, I am so miserable today. It all started last night at the gym ...

I left work right at 5:00 so I could get to the gym with enough time to run a couple of miles before meeting with my trainer at 6:00. I started running on the treadmill (which, P.S., I really miss running outside, it's so much easier! Darn this cold weather...) and my armband kept falling off. That happened twice. Plus, my new headphones that my MIL bought me for Christmas didn't fit right and kept falling out (they're supposed to be the kind for runners, that go behind your head... but totally didn't work for me!). PLUS, my underwear kept falling off my butt! LOL I know it sounds ridiculous, and probably TMI, but hey, it added to the problem, ok? Haha.

So I went upstairs to a different part of the gym to try out their new treadmills (also because there was less people, so no one could see me pulling my underwear up every 30 seconds). I decided to hold my ipod/armband (I have to at least do that, or it won't track with my Nike+ thingy in my shoe), but the headphones kept falling out. GRR. I lasted about .75 miles and quit. I was soo frustrated. At least I got to start my workout with my trainer about 15 minutes early.

So I got home in a really bad mood, and ate some quick frozen chinese food Eric heated up, and started on school. Oh yeah, so I'm doing the online school to be a Medical Transcriptionist, right. Last night I also happened to see a friend of Eric's status on Facebook ... someone had commented about being a MT, who supposedly has been one for 10 years. She was saying "don't waste your time going to school, there are no jobs for newbies anymore, and you have to literally be typing for 8 hours a day to make any money, you won't make more than 25K a year..." blah blah blah. So that pissed me off a lot. I'm busting my ass on school and a full time job, and it may not even be worth it? Grrrreeeat.

About 9:30pm Eric said he's headed to bed. I decided to stay up later and take a bubble bath, hopefully calm down and find some "zen". Haha. I turned off all the lights, lit one candle, poured in my "stress relief" aromotherapy bubble bath, and sat in pure silence for about 10-15 minutes. It was amazing. No one needed me, there was no noise, no mess to clean up... and did put me in a better mood, slightly. I went to bed about 10:20pm.

One thing I hate the most, is when I take a pill to help me sleep (like Unisom or Simply Sleep) and it DOESN'T WORK. That happened last night. I was laying in bed tossing and turning for a while, and couldn't stop thinking about school (I was, like, quizzing myself... aah! Don't I get enough of that during the day?!). Also, we have a queen sized bed, and I am always shoving Eric in hopes that he'll scoot over, because I truly believe he takes up more room than I do. Plus he likes to touch me while we're sleeping, and I do NOT like to touch ANYTHING while I'm sleeping. If he moves, I wake up. He pulls the covers... I wake up. Endless cycle.

Side note... we are getting a KING SIZED BED when we move to a house! Period. Endofstory.

So then, I guess I fell asleep for a little while, because at 2AM I woke up and felt like I had to pee, but also had that feeling like my bladder wasn't really FULL, I just had to pee. You know. All girls know. I didn't want to go to the bathroom to prove my theory right, but I did, and yes, I was right. Damn UTI. Great, awesome, just what I needed. I had some cranberry pills and some AZO, which I loaded up on then went back to bed. Or tried to.

I tossed and turned for about 20 minutes, and finally asked Eric "can you scoot over?" (he kept touching me) and he said "no, I'm on the edge." (I'm thinking: "how can YOU be on the edge when I am on the edge too??" Hmm what a mystery.) Finally, I give up, take my pillow, cell phone (aka: alarm clock... which, btw, I changed from 6AM to 7AM, because I was so miserable and tired I KNEW I wouldn't get up to run) and grab a comforter and head to the couch. At least there no one can touch me, pull the covers, or keep me awake. Plus, I wouldn't keep Eric awake either.

My bladder was burning so it took me a good hour or more to fall asleep, but I finally did. It was probably the most I slept all night - maybe 4 hours. God help me today.

I'm feeling kinda like I'm getting sick too, but I'm not sure if it's all the cranberry pills I took or what. Tonight, I swear, I'm going to bed no later than 9PM.

And that couch doesn't sound so bad either ...


  1. My poor baby. You crack me up...you are more like me than you will ever be able to admit. LOL. (referring to the bed situation!)
    Hope you get all better.
    And as far as the MT...we have coached a few ladies who do that who are barely surviving too. But, not to say you can't find one that is great. Do some more homework on it.
    Praying for you.
    Love, Mama

  2. Oh my, what a bad day :-( My Monday looked like a walk in the park compared to yours. So sorry!!! Hope Tuesday is going MUCH better for you :-)

  3. Oh honey I am sorry you had a bad day! Good job at the gym but that is so irritating when the wrist bands fall off! Plus I know how you feel when you are trying to sleep and the boy keeps on wanting to cuddle and you want your space, lol. I hope you had a better day today sweetie and aren't getting sick!

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I never used to call the Dr for meds when I got a UTI, I just took the cranberry stuff and AZO, but let me tell you... The first time I went to the Dr and got meds I swore I would never go through one again with them! With in about 15 min. I felt like a new person!

    I can also relate to you on the whole bed thing! Except Danny and I only have a double bed... I am praying that we can afford to get a new bedroom set sometime this year!

    Get better soon!