Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still not 100%

Nothing great or wonderful to tell over here! I felt worse Wednesday morning so I stayed home from work. I got a really bad cold, on top of the UTI. I got the Dr. to prescribe me some medication, so I started feeling better last night. I'm back at work today, and I feel ok, I'm just blowing my nose every 10 minutes.

I'm so happy this is payday and we have a 3-day weekend coming up! :)

I finally got through my "Grammar/English" module in school. The hardest part was the first chapter, about nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjective, etc. O.M.G. Seriously I didn't think they could be that difficult, but I just get all mixed up in my head when I try to take the test. So I had to skip one of the tests and go back later when I have someone to help! Haha!

This is how I tried to remember all the definitions:

It obviously didn't work! LOL Now I'm moving on to Anatomy and Disease... which I expect to be harrrrd.

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  1. yes i know just what you're talking about all that noun and verb stuff being hard! and think my mom loves it soooo much she got her masters in it - and teaches it full time!.. but when she starts to talk about it with me.. well, that's more then i can handle!:) love the picture of all the post-it notes!

    and i noticed you figured how to put the reactions on your posts! cool!