Friday, January 22, 2010

New book, it's Friday, and there are tornado warnings!

This morning I got up at 6:10 to work out, and it was rainy and yuck outside. I drove to our apartment gym and did the elliptical, bike, and weights. Eric called me at like 6:55 saying "I want you to come home, there are tornado warnings in Viera" (about 10 minutes from us). Thankfully I was almost done anyway, so I drove back to the apartment. Eric and I are so different about this stuff. I totally could care less about hurricanes, tornados, or bad weather. Eric, on the other hand, bought us a weather radio (that went off at 4AM), and is glued to the news channel when we have this kind of weather. Before he left this morning he said, "Can you PLEASE keep the news on until you leave for work? You may not care, but I'm going to keep us alive." Hahah. He knows I turn it off as soon as he walks out the door, but I DID keep it on this morning. Later on in the morning there was rotation right around Patrick Air Force Base, so I hope nothing too bad happened there! I knew Eric would be safe though, so I didn't worry about it. :)

Last night I picked up a new book I saw at the bookstore... it looks really good. It's called "Love & War" by John and Stasi Eldredge (I love all of their books). It's about marriage, and I haven't started it yet, but just flipping through it I can't wait to!I bought it because I've been feeling like I want to read a really good book. Like, I need "soul food", ya know? I normally don't have time to read, but if it's good, I'll make the time.

Have any of you heard of before? I discovered it today. It's a website where you pick out names you like, and it generates more names based on what you picked out. It was ok... nothing really stuck out at me, but it was fun to mess around with. I discovered it is MUCH easier for me to pick out girl names than boy names. There are so many girl names I l-o-v-e, and not a lot of boy names. I often wonder if Eric and I will EVER agree on anything, because any time I bring up a name I like he says "no" and most of his I don't like either! I love the names Madison, Madilyn, and Emma. I also picked out two boy names off Nymbler, but I already know Eric won't like them: Trenton and Chase. I  can't wait to see what we come up with when we're forced to agree on it someday! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Its crazy with the Tornado's! We were suppost to get them here the other day but they never came! My family lives right next to the fire station so we never miss the Tornado alarm :)

  2. I totally hear you on the girl vs. boy names! We had a very difficult time coming up with any boy names we really liked. Then, the name Micah came as a total answer to prayer. One time I scared Jason by coming home from the library with a huge stack of name books just for fun...he thought I had something important to share.

  3. Ohhhh...I want to read that book when you are done. Put me on your list next to share it with!

  4. Lol, I am a bit like Eric and I like to stay informed too, especially since I was not used to tornados in CA, lol. That book looks great and I love that author and his wife, great couple and talented writers!