Thursday, January 7, 2010

Medical terminology

Tonight we're meeting some friends (Tiffani and husband Patrick, and Callie and Rams) for dinner. :) I'm so glad we've FINALLY met some couples our age that live here in Melbourne! It only took me a year! Haha.

So far I've gotten through the first three "modules" of my online classes. The second 2 were supposed to take 10 hours each, but definitely did not (they were easy ones for me). Now I'm just getting into the whole medical part of it... root words, suffix, prefix, compounds... omg. This is all new for me! I'm writing out the root words (I'm only in the A's) on index cards with the answer on the back, trying to memorize their meaning. If I associate it with something (which is hard with 3-4 letter root words like  'aort' and 'adip') it really helps. Like that 'adip' one means "fat". How I remember it is the "p" at the end I remembered as "phat"... lol. Crazy, but it works for me!

Thank God tomorrow is FRIDAY! It's been a good week, seeing that my body has been re-adjusting to working and not eating holiday foods again. Tomorrow night we're going to dinner with Eric's family in Orlando. Saturday I'm working on school, going to see a movie with friends, and my cousin might come over that night. Sunday, school and relaxing! :)

Have a great evening, everyone! Stay warm!

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  1. I can help you with your medical terminology if you need it...

    Have fun tonight : ]