Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did you know...

I'm subscribed to this helpful little e-newsletter called "Hungry Girl" (check it out at which I love. It sends a lot of new, healthy recipes, plus a lot of popular restaurant recipes that have been revised to have less fat and calories. It's great! Today, the article was about labels on packages of food and had a very shocking statistic:

DID YOU KNOW: The stats on food labels can LEGALLY be off by as much as 20%!!

Now, this can go either way. They could be higher, OR they could be lower as well. Still, 20% is a lot!

She offered some tips to help:

1. If you count calories, pad your numbers a bit. What I mean by "pad your numbers" is that you can round up -- if something says it has 280 calories, count it as 300. Small changes totally make a difference.

2. If something tastes too good to be true (especially if it's from a small mom-and-pop company), it may very well be -- so don't kid yourself. If you start eating some new treat regularly, and then you notice extra pounds creeping on when they shouldn't be, you might wanna ditch that snack or count extra calories for it.

3. The nutritional stats for all types of food -- even fruit and lean protein -- vary due to size and weight. So weigh your food once in a while to see if the actual weight matches the given or assumed amount.

Wow, crazy huh? At any rate, the newsletters are FULL of awesome tips, product suggestions, and recipes. Check it out and let me know what you think! Just yesterday she had a recipe-swap for chocolate chip cheese danish. It looks amazing (who doesn't love chocolate and cream cheese??) and I can't wait to try it! (See the recipe here)

Today I had lunch with my girlfriends Callie and Tiffani at Hurricanes. It was fun! Too bad I only had an hour. :( I'm really looking forward to heading to Tampa this weekend for Jen's birthday party. Plus we're celebrating my mom's birthday on Sunday afternoon. Yay!


  1. Omigosh, I posted an article about this very same issue this morning on You Only Have One. Greg sent me that article online and I could NOT believe that! But at least we have some ballpark estimate on most totals. Hope you're having a nice day!

  2. Celebrating my birthday on Sunday? I didn't know that! Yeah. (Remember, no junk food or cake...ha)
    Hungry Girl info is great isn't it? It really goes well with the Food Lovers System too.
    We don't have a coaching session late now, so that's good. See you Sat pm, or in the morning. Love, Your Mama

  3. oohh that canvas thing does sound like a great project. we could totally do that!