Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Car shopping

Soooo the car shopping is not as easy as I'd hoped. My poor husband spent all day yesterday on the phone and at dealerships. Part of the reason for that is, I have this price in my head (per-month cost) for a car payment that I WON'T go over, and we can't seem to meet it.

Last night we drove to Orlando to look at the Chevy Equinox (which, by the way, no one seems to have because it's so popular they can't keep them on the lot. So they say.) and we both really liked it. The only problem is it's so new that Chevy isn't offering any deals/discounts/rebates at ALL. I was SO PISSED at the "salesman" (if you could call him that - he was horrible) last night that we dealt with. He had such a "take it or leave it" attitude. At first we got a price on the upgraded 2010 Equinox, and it ended up to be too much for us. Eric had to keep asking him about all these little "fees" (which the guy called "options") on the invoice... he offered me $1000 less for my trade-in than the Ford guys did ... and he had the nerve to say that this car is so popular some people are willing to buy it OVER the STICKER price. GIVE ME A BREAK. By that point I was checked out... so pissed off at him that if he had even offered us the car at a better price, I wouldn't have bought it from him. When he left to get the price on the lower-grade model, I told Eric that there was no way we were buying a car from him tonight. He obviously doesn't want to sell us a car. He even sounded like he was complaining that he'd already had three deals that day and couldn't seem to "get a break" or a "day off". Like selling cars is a PROBLEM for you, mister?!?!? I was so over it. So Eric and I looked at the last price, said "Thanks, see ya" and walked out.

Eric is working this morning until noon, when I pick him up and he has the rest of the day off. I'm really hoping my car will get out of the shop today too, because I need it tomorrow! I think we're going to expand our search to other places in Tampa, even if we have to drive out there this weekend, just to see what other options people have. Plus, I want to look at the 2009 models with low mileage instead of a brand new 2010. I think I'll let Eric narrow the search down, do most of the "looking" over the phone, and not deal with any more salesmen until we've come to an agreement on a price!! :) Wish us luck!


  1. Hope the car shopping goes better today! Not fun when you have to deal with horrid sales people! I am very thankfull that my youth pasor owns a used carlot and I was able to get my car through him! I cant wait to see pix of what you get!

  2. Good luck, the car's sales people are ruthless sometimes and really hard to trust. Even though I am in sales I try to be a nice sale's person. Hope they treat you better and that you go away with a great deal!