Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday weekend catch-up

Hi again everyone! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. Mine was great. Of course I have to post pictures of everything that we did!

I drove over to my parents by myself Tuesday night, and we started cooking/decorating on Wednesday. Michelle (sister-in-law) brought Brandon over, and Nik (my sister) dropped JJ off and we watched him all day. Eric drove over Wednesday afternoon.

The highlight of the boys' day was playing with playdough!

Here is the finished product of decorating at mom's house:

We didn't put up all of her decorations that day - just the tree and the garland/stockings on the stairs. Between watching both boys and cooking for Thanksgiving we were exhausted. Mom and Dad finished them later on in the weekend.

Thanksgiving day I woke up at 6:30AM to start the turkey!! Dad helped me a little bit. Then I went back to bed. Haha. Here is the finished product of my planning the Thanksgiving Day meal! It was SO good and everyone loved it! The pumpkin cheesecake was a major hit too!

Dad showed Eric how to carve the turkey:

Brandon enjoying his Thanksgiving turkey:

Michelle and I cooking:

James, Nik and JJ

Brian and Brandon:

Mom and Dad:

After all of that, we relaxed for a few hours, played some Spades, then Eric and I drove back to Orlando to have a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner with his side of the family. WHEW.

Eric's mom and his sister Julie:

Too many cooks in the kitchen!

Eric used his new skills and carved their turkey too :)

Me and Julie:

Their feast:

Eric's family is so different than mine! His stepdad's family is very Italian and loud and dramatic. They are hilarious and funny though! :) We played this game called "pennies" which was lots of fun!

The next morning Eric and I got up at 6AM to go Black Friday shopping! Talk about exhausting! It wasn't bad at all though - especially for Orlando. We didn't have any problems. I can't believe how long we were out though - from about 7AM to 4PM! Ugh! We found some good stuff and spent lots of money. Plus, it was FREEZING here in Florida and we were not very prepared for this cold front! Hahah.

Overall, we've had a good 5 days off. We decorated our house and set up the Christmas tree yesterday, but I'll post about that later. We also had my brother in law take some pictures of  us with Eric in his uniform... turned out great! I'll post those later too! :).

I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! Whew. Today we're driving AGAIN to see some of Eric's extended family, then it's back to work again tomorrow.  I'm going to catch up on everyone's blogs now. Love!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving plans

So I'm at my last day of work for the next 5 days, and can't stop thinking about it! It's so hard to work on days like this. I have a lot to do though, so I can't slack off or daydream for too long. :) I'm also getting the stitches out in my neck today, which is awesome. They've been driving me crazy!

So the hubby officially got the back office job! He's now in charge of "physical security" for the base. He'll have every weekend and holiday off, like normal people, and works normal hours during the day too. I did enjoy him having day off during the week (he could come meet me for lunch!) but I'm sure we can still meet for lunch in the middle somewhere, now that he actually has a lunch break. The only bummer is he doesn't get off this week until noon on Wednesday, and that means we have to drive seperately to my parents in Tampa and back to Orlando to see his parents. I'm driving over tonight beause I have a lot of cooking to do tomorrow!!

Speaking of cooking, here is the menu for Thanksgiving:



Mashed potatoes and Gravy

Green Bean Casserole


Pumpkin Patch Biscuits

Cranberry Jello Salad

Winter White Sangria

And of course... PUMPKIN PIE!

I can't wait to start cooking and baking! It's gonna be great!

We're also decorating mom's house for Christmas on Wednesday. To get in the holiday spirit, I'm bringing over stuff to make my delish peppermint martinis! :)

Happy Holidays Everyone! Enjoy the time with your friends and family! I know I will. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is what I'll be drinking tonight:

Peppermint Martini
- Strawberry Vodka
- Creme de Menthe
- Cranberry juice
- Ice
- Martini shaker

:) Have a great Saturday night everyone! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Show us your life - Pets

Today on Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life - Pets! I'm gonna show off my sweet little puppy Amira. :)

I have wanted my own little dog for years, but my parents said I could only have one after I was moved out of the house! Haha. So last year, Eric was deployed to Iraq, and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get a companion for me while he was gone. He (reluctantly) agreed and said I could get whatever I wanted. Haha. I started looking online for one to adopt, but wasn't successful. There were a lot of strict requirements for adopting - living in an apartment with no fenced in yard was probably the biggest problem.

Eventually I gave up. Then my sister told me to start looking in the paper for breeders. I found one in Tampa that bred Pomeranians and since my sister lives closer than I do, she went and took a look at them for me. I called to ask what she had, and she said there were some males (no way), females, a few white and one black female. I knew I wanted the black one!

So after my sister checked the breeder out, I transfered money into her account and she bought Amira for me and kept her for a week until they could come over and bring her to me. That week I went to Petco and spent LOTS of money of doggie stuff. Plus, everything was pink. An employee at Petco saw me with my cart of pink stuff, and said, "Let me guess, is this your first dog?" I said yes, so he asked, "And I take it you like pink?" Hahaha. Understatement of the year right there! :)

I named her "Amira" after searching online for some unique names. It is Arabic for "Princess". (I thought Arabic was fitting since Eric was in Iraq at the time ... lol) She and I bonded very quickly and she has such personality. She is VERY shy around others and sticks close to "mom" at all times. When she's with me though, she is extremely playful and adoring.

When Eric came home from Iraq four months later, he scared her right away and now she hates him. She runs away from him and growls at him when I'm around and he comes up to me. One time before I really knew the extent of her fear of him, he took her outside without a leash while I wasn't home. (she wouldn't let him get close enough to even PUT a leash on her anyway) When she wouldn't come back in the house he tried to "corral" her in and she got even more scared and ran away (she is VERY fast). He called me and I came home right away.

When I got home she was gone - nowhere to be seen. I immediately freaked out, told Eric to go back inside and called and searched for her for about an hour. I was crying and absolutely sure she was gone for good (our apartment backs up to a large "preserve" of bushes and trees - I was sure she was in there and completely lost). I'm sure I looked like a total train-wreck walking around bawling my eyes out and calling her name. I started walking towards the front of our complex, but really didn't think she would be that far away. Then -- I saw this little black furball hiding in between an apartment and some bushes. I wasn't sure it was her or if my eyes were playing tricks on me... so I called her, and she came running out to me. OMG, what a feeling of RELIEF that was!! I can't even describe it!!! So now, Eric is NOT allowed to let Amira out of the house if I'm not home. I refuse to go through that again! Haha!

So there you go. Amira Sophia is my baby girl (for now) and I love her to death. :)

Head on over to Kelly's Korner and check out the fun!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Very thankful

I've been neglecting my "thankful" posts a lot latley. However today I thought of one that really hits home.

I started listening to Christmas music today, and it reminded me of last year. My hubby was deployed already for about two months by this time. I was facing all of the holidays without him - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day. I managed, with the help and support of my family and his, but let me just say:


It was so hard going through them without him last year. I think Christmas was the worst. The way our phone calls worked was always off of his schedule, because he had to call me. I always felt so helpless to contact him if I needed to. I knew approx. when he was supposed to call, but sometimes he couldn't, and that's when things would go downhill in my head. I learned to stop assuming the worst eventually, but it's hard not to let your mind play tricks on you.

On Christmas day he couldn't call until later that night because the lines were soooo long with everyone else calling home! Oh my gosh, I don't miss those days. My heart aches for those who are going through deployments right now, especially over the holidays. I will be saying prayers for you!

Wishful Wednesday

It's Wishful Wednesday time over at Kelsey's blog!

'I wish' .... my life was a movie, and I would want it to be a action/comedy/romance/thriller! :)

Think: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Transformers, or Surrogates

Bascially, I like the mixture of all of those genre's. I can't stand JUST romance, or JUST comedy. It has to be all four! LOL! Gotta have a little action with your love! :)

So I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and suddenly got in the Christmas spirit! I wanted to buy so many decorations! I think I'll wait until after Thanksgiving, but I already know what I want... I just have to get Eric on board. I also want to check out Target becuase they ALWAYS have the best decor. We already have a 7-ft. pre-lit tree. I got it on major sale last year at K-Mart (I paid about $100 and it was a $300 tree!). We had a gift card there that I could only use on Christmas decorations, so it worked out. It's a gorgeous tree, I can't wait to put it up!

What do you think of these mocha colored ornaments? I love having a "themed" tree. I think last year we did blue and silver ornaments, but I can't remember. I think this mocha color would go great in our apartment, but when I told Eric about it he almost died and thought it was a horrible color. I think he'll have to see it to believe! :) What do you think?

The other option is blue:

They had pink ornaments too but I won't even try to go there. Hahah. I did find a little 3-ft. PINK christmas tree for $15! I'm totally buying it and getting their $1 each pink ornaments and putting it up in my office! I can't wait! Then someday I can put it up in our daughters room... hehehe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sorry I have been deliquent in posting latley! We've been super busy this week, and it's only Tuesday. Whew. I'm going to write in bullet form!

- Monday was payroll at work, which is always a busy day. I got off at 4:30 because Eric wanted to drive to Orlando and surprise his mom on her birthday. There was so much traffic and it took is over an hour to get there! We picked up some flowers, a cupcake, a card and some wine on the way over. It was a fun night (even though she was sad because their family cat just died that day...). We ordered chinese, her and I had too much wine, and discussed plans to possibly go camping in a few weeks. I went with them last year by myself because Eric was deployed and it was lotsa fun! It would be even better that Eric can go this year! I hope my MIL had a happy birthday overall! <3 On the drive home I fell asleep and it felt like 5 minutes (thank you, White Merlot). Hehe.

- This morning was my third dermatologist appointment for the damn cyst on my neck. It was finally small enough and she removed it this morning! It was the wierdest thing to experience. She numbed the area and I couldn't feel a thing, but I could HEAR everything. She snipped it open, dug it out (gross), and put stitches in. The whole thing took about 10 minutes! The local anesthesia wore off pretty quick, and I'm definitely feeling it now. I have to wear a dumb bandage on it all week and go back next Tuesday to get the stiches out! I never thought the little thing would be such an ordeal. Seeesh.

- I can't believe this is the last full week until Thanksgiving. I work two days next week, then am off for the next five days! I'm getting a little nervous about cooking T-giving dinner... but am looking forward to decorating for Christmas!

- Speaking of Christmas, I haven't started shopping AT ALL (but that's typical of me) and I have NO IDEA what to get people. I love spending lotsa money, but last year Eric was deployed so we had lotsa money to spend. Hahah. This year I'm hoping not to break the bank.

- Eric was "told" to submit an application for a back-office job in his squadron that no one wants to do. It's some hard job dealing with finances or something like that. They asked him because he's so good at what he does and could handle it. He's not very excited about it. HOWEVER, his wife IS! Back office jobs are just like "regular" jobs, meaning: 8-5, having his own office, and weekends/holidays off!! That may seem normal to everyone else, but with him being military police they are alwayssss working weekends and holidays. I'm used to that, but am totally excited to get maybe a year or so of a normal schedule!

That's all for now! Have a great day everyone! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Strodtmans as disco-style elves!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Walk for Love

Yesterday was our "Walk for Love" - our organizations annual event to raise awareness about adoption. November is National Adoption Month! Amira came with me and we had a good time.

This is what we call our "Heart Gallery" - it has pictures of just a few of the kids waiting to be adopted.

The t-shirts I designed!

Linda, Colette and I handed out t-shirts

I think Amira was slightly overwhelmed with everything. She stayed as close to me as possible all day.

"You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. There are 1000's of teens in foster care who would LOVE to put up with you!"

The marching band was great!

Puppies everywhere! One of the girls had her Great Dane. Amira was probably the size of her head!

It was a success! :)