Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nothin to say

So I haven't been posting much latley #1 because I've been super busy, and #2 I don't have much to write about except the normal stuff! Plus I don't have any new pictures. I love posting with pictures, so sometimes if I don't have any I just don't post! Haha. Lame, I know.

This week I have been out of the office more than I've been in. Monday was a toy drive, and I moved offices (oooh, I should take pictures of that!). I had about 3 hours to unpack and move into my new office, and I'm so glad I got that all done. Tuesday I was out half the day at a board meeting. I recently was given the project of training an employee with how to do our board meetings. It is a lot of work, man! Ugh.

Today, Wednesday, I was in a meeting for 2 hours in the morning, then left at 1:30 for another toy drive at Patrick AFB. Tomorrow the office closes at 1PM for our Christmas Party that afternoon/night. Then I'm out Friday! Talk about craziness!

This weekend I'm headed over to my in-laws for camping at Wekiwa Springs! I'll go over Friday with Mom2 (my mother in law) and Eric will join us that night when he gets off work. I have never prided myself in being the "outdoor" type of girl, but I do like camping about once a year. We take drinks, make smores, and just play games and stuff. This campground also has a canoe place, which I hope to do on Saturday. I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain - that WOULD suck!

I'll try to get more creative next time and find some pictures to post. :) Have a great day, blog friends!

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