Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's that time of year again ...

Oh my gosh, this is such a busy time of year. I've been running in the mornings just to compensate for the time I don't have in the evenings. Even at work I can't seem to catch up! Here is a list of things going on from now until January:

5th - Birthday party for a little boy - one of Eric's AF friend's kid - and we're having a party that night, just some people over to drink and hang out
6th - Grocery shopping
7th - Toy drive for the kids we serve at work, and I'm volunteering all day
8th - Board meeting at work
9th - Gym with personal trainer
10th - Office closes early, company Christmas Party that night
11th - 13th - I'm OFF, headed to Orlando, Eric and I are camping with his family at Wekiwa Springs
14th - Gym with personal trainer
16th - All staff meeting at work
18th - 45th Security Forces Squadron Christmas Party, 6PM. THEN driving to Tampa same night.
19th - Family Christmas party at mom's - Eric's family is coming over, I'm cooking the meal
21st - Gym with personal trainer
22nd - 27th - OFF!! CHRISTMAS TIME! :)
31st - January 3rd - OFF for New Years!

In between all of that Eric and I still have to get our Christmas cards out. I'm waiting to get our pictures in the mail, then one night this week we'll sign and stamp them.

Most years I'm complaining because we don't have any Christmas parties to attend. This year we have three. Believe me, I've learned my lesson! :) Hahaha.

Just wait till we have kids ...


  1. OMG busy missy! It's that time of year...
    I want a Christmas card :)

  2. Shoot...I forgot Christmas cards. Here I thought I was done with the decorating/home Christmas preparations....

  3. I LOVE your layout! If you did it yourself you need to start selling these things! LOL!