Monday, December 28, 2009


Soooo, I don't make New Year's Resolutions anymore.

I'm interested to see what other people do, but I've decided they are pointless for me. I used to do them, and would always have the "usual" resolutions... lose weight, work out more, etc. However, I've discovered that my motivation is better when I start randomly and don't tell anyone (except maybe Eric). I don't like to broadcast it and get "input" from everyone, because that's just more pressure, and sometimes has an affect on my decision. For example, if I tell people I want to lose 20 pounds, they freak out and say "You'll be too skinny! You don't need to lose weight!" and sometimes I think, "Hmm, maybe they're right..." instead of sticking to my guns. Yaknow?

I started eating better (Weight Watchers has helped) this past August and lost 10 lbs, and have managed to keep it off, even over the holidays. I still want to lose about 10 more before this summer, but I'm not putting any expectations on myself nor setting a "final" date. I figure if I keep up the running and what I've been doing all along, I'll be fine. That's how it works for me anyway!

So what about you? Do you  make resolutions, and are you more creative than most people in doing so?

I decided to copy Jenn, and write out important dates in 2010 that I know of so far:

January 7 - The day Eric and I started talking, three years ago (2007)! <3 (side note: his first Myspace comment to me was on January 8th... we didn't have Facebook back then. I loveeee going back and reading them. It's hilarious. Someday I'll make a post about how we met... it's pretty crazzzy!)
January 28 - Mom's Birthday
February 10 - The day Eric and I met in Paris, three years ago.
February 16 - Sister's Birthday
March - Cousin Aaron's wedding in Georgia
May 3 - One year "wedding" anniversary
May 12 - Brother's birthday
June 2 - Eric's birthday
June 4 - Two Year Anniversary!! <3 (the one we celebrate as the *actual* date)
June 5-12 - CRUISE!
July - Cousin Shawn's wedding reception in Orlando
July 11 - My 25th birthday (ugh, I'm a quarter of a century old. That means NEXT brithday I'll be closer to 30 than 20. Scary.)
July 15 - JJ's 3rd birthday
October 17  - Eric should be a civillian on this day! (if all goes as planned, he's getting out of the AF and joining the Orlando Police Department)
October-December - Moving to Orlando? Getting a house? New job? Getting pregnantttttt?!? (ahh!)

Looks like an exciting year!! Wow!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun! Yay for Eric being done in Oct!

    Yes I have 3 weddings in 1 day.. I am in one, so I will only be able to make it to one... :(

  2. How exciting if you did get pregnant and I like this way of setting goals, it makes you aware of what events are coming and I am sure there will be many surprises on the way! Those are always the best too. :)

  3. Oh and I try to make resolutions, but I try to stay away from the weight one. Ha ha, that is just way to much pressure and I would rather set goals to work out rather than lose, you know?

  4. I hardly ever make New Year's resolutions... maybe because with all of the craziness of Christmas, New Years sneaks up on me and then I feel silly for hastily and quickly trying to make up goals for the new year.

    How exciting would that be if you got pregnant this year?? :-D Oh, and with NYE coming, are you excited to have the gym PACKED with people because of NY resolutions? Haha :-)

  5. ehhem.... you forgot a very important date... JEN WILL BE 25 ON JANUARY 23rd! Im having a party..sending out a fb invite soon, I hope you can come! I didn't realize my bday and your mom's were so close : ]