Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 In Pictures

I'm playing along with Kelly and her "Year in Pictures" post!

Here is my year in pictures:

I took a spur of the moment trip to Indiana to see my bff Sarah and spent New Years with her and her husband Kent. It was super fun, and it was good to get away, seeing that Eric was still in Iraq.

I don't think anything too exciting happened this month. Eric was deployed, and I pretty much did the normal thing... on my calendar I have Feb. 24th marked as "one month" until Eric comes home! I think I did a lot of wedding planning this month...

... and these are the flowers I got for Valentines Day ;)

Definitely the highlight of this month was Eric coming home from Iraq!! It was the best feeling in the world. The weeks leading up to it were an emotional roller coaster though. The military has this game called "hurry up and wait" that they like to play. Originally they gave me an earlier date, flight # and everything. THen he got delayed and it all changed. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you haven't seen your husband in 6 months and you're planning to take time off work, etc... it's a HUGE DEAL! But regardless, he got home on March 17th safe and sound. :)

This was the last month before our wedding. I'm pretty sure I was going crazy with last-minute planning. I did a lot of this (my "bride" shotglass):

(Hahah jk.) We also did a last-minute walk-through of Leu Gardens, where we got married:

THE BIG MONTH! May 3, 2009 was the date we had our wedding. We'd actually gotten legally married before he left for Iraq, and that is the date we celebrate as the "actual" anniversary (June 4, 2008). But while he was gone I planned the wedding, and it was fabulous. One other notable memory is my heart ablation surgery on May 26th, 2009.

I obviously could post hundreds of wedding pictures... but I won't. :) Become my friend on Facebook and you can see all the albums! Heheh.

After our wedding we went on a cruise to the Bahamas and Turks and Cacios. It was so much fun and we met some cool couples that we sat with at dinner. We're still friends today!

We spent the summer having fun and relaxing. Also June 2nd was Eric's 23rd birthday and the 4th was our first anniversary. We didn't want to do anything huge - we just paid for our big wedding! So, I decided to  surprised Eric and got a hotel on the beach for the night... it was lots of fun and quite romantic. ;)

Memories from July are - My 24th birthday, JJ's 2nd birthday, and obviously, July 4th! Also Eric graduated from ALS at Patrick AFB.

I'm pretty sure August is my least favorite month of the year. It is sooo boring - no holidays, and it's super hot here in Florida. The only memorable thing we did this month was Eric getting Lasik in Jacksonville. Also at the end of August Eric left for Texas for a 2-week 7-Level training course.

(I can't find the pictures!! Grr)

I flew to Texas at the end of Eric's training, and we spent the weekend of Labor Day there. It was lots of fun seeing the Alamo, Riverwalk, and the base that Eric was at for Basic Training about 5 years ago! On the way home we drove together and stopped to see some of his old friends, and also spent a night with my Grandmother in Pensacola. Later on that month we flew to Indiana with my parents for my cousin Rachel's wedding, and while there we met up with Sarah and Kent for dinner. Earlier in September we went to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

This month I ran my 2nd 5K and we went to a local "Oktoberfest" for some fun :)

Thanksgiving was the highlight of this month! Also we set up our Christmas tree for the first time together.

Definitely love Christmastime and being with family and friends! I hosted a Christmas party for Eric's family at my parents house, and had lots of time off, which was nice.

So there you go! Some of the pictures you've probably already seen. I didn't start my blog until about July or August, so the earlier months are probably new. :) Can't wait for 2010!


  1. Cute sweater in the Christmas pic!

    Love the turkey shirt, but I've told you that before!

    Come back to Texas, we can meet up!!!!! Or better yet I should go to FL, LOVE LOVE the beach!

    Congrats on a great 2009!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous 2009! LOTS of things going on for you two :-) You wedding pictures are so beautiful!

  3. Found you through Kelly. I just love this picture review...I am trying to do it myself I just have way too many pictures and this past year was CRAZY busy!

    Happy New Year! I am a new follower. Come on by to my bloggy blog and follow back if you would like. It is nice to "meet" you!

  4. What a great year for you and I am going to have to look at all of your wedding pictures on your facebook - your dress is gorgeous! :) I admire you for waiting for your man, I bet it was nice when he was finally home to you!