Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 days until Christmas

Is there really only 10 days till Christmas??? Holy crap!

- We still need to buy gifts for Eric's whole family and my two nephews (and I have NO idea what to get for those two). Oh yeah, and wrap them.
- I sped to the post office this morning before work and bought some holiday stamps. I finally got our Christmas cards out... wayyy later than I was hoping to!
- I ordered Christmas gifts for my co-workers on Sunday and I'm hoping they come in by Friday so I can hand them out! I also got a bottle of wine from a co-worker I wasn't planning on getting a gift for... soooo now I have to think of something for her.
- I'm thanking God I'm off starting Tuesday of next week. I need time to wrap presents and finish up stuff!

Eric and I are trying to decide when we'll open our presents from each other. This is the first year that we're married and actually together during the holidays, so I'd like to attempt at starting some traditions. I'd rather open the gifts at my parents house on Christmas Eve, and he wants to wait until we're done driving all over creation to and from our families houses and open them Christmas night. Hummmm. I told him I didn't really mind doing that, as long as he PROMISES we're coming home Christmas night and not spending the night at his parents! I can't wait to open my present! Hahah.

Do any other couples out there have traditions they've started, or any suggestions for some? It's harder for us because we like to drive and see all the family we can, and we always have to split it between my family and his (equally, if possible). Someday I'm going to declare Christmas at our house, so I don't have to go ANYWHERE! Haha!

This has got me started on traditions.

Christmas Eve: Growing up our tradition was to open either one gift or our stockings. We'd also go light-looking and stop by McDonalds and get ice cream (we still do!). Then we celebrate my dad's birthday (which is on Christmas Day) with a good meal, like Salsbury steak and cherry pie.

Christmas Day: The actual day of Christmas was sometimes rather boring, because we'd open gifts early, eat, then just lay around and do nothing since we didn't have family that lived nearby.

I want to start some really cool traditions with our kids.

Movies: I like the idea of finding a movie and watching that on either Christmas Eve or Day (we always used to watch the OLD Mickey's Christmas Carol, Scrooge, Rudpolph, and sometimes Charlie Brown around Christmastime). Believe it or not, I've never watched some classics, like "A Christmas Story"... a problem which I plan on fixing this year. I also want to watch "Four Christmases".

Santa Clause: I think we're also going to do Santa Clause. To be honest, I have no idea how to even "do" Santa Clause because we didn't believe in Santa growing up - my parents just never did it. However, Eric grew up with it and is insisting on our kids "believing" in Santa Clause. Hahah.

Food: I read somewhere that you "must have Brioche" on Christmas morning. I've never heard of it, so I looked it up. It sounds ok, but not spectacular.

I think Money Bread sounds better!

Any other ideas for traditions? I'm kind of out of ideas right now, but I'll definitely be making a list. I can't wait. :)


  1. I fully intend to adopt some new traditions when we start our own family too-- Hallmark always has THE CUTEST tradition-inspiring things to buy (my BFF doesn't have a fireplace so I bought her a "Santa Key" from Hallmark so that her daughter can put out the key each Christmas Eve!) My parents always did Santa and wrapped my presents from Santa in silver and my sister's in gold. My dad always stayed up soooo late on Christmas Eve to wrap them :-) We would always go to 11pm Christmas Eve service at our church and then take a huge plate of cookies to places around town who have to open-- like firemen and the police station. I love the monkey bread idea, sounds so yummy! Can't wait to hear how your Christmas goes with all of the family you have to visit!

  2. Def go for the monkey bread! :)

    RE: "believing in santa".. Read this:


    no need to lie to your future kidlets :P

  3. Hmm, I like the sound of your new found traditions, my family and I like to reach the Christmas story of baby Jesus from the Bible, followed by watching The Christmas Carol and eating lots of yummy food! Oh and my mom always gives me PJ's for Christmas, so much fun! Hope you enjoy your Christmas with your hubby. Oh and your beginning sounds like mine, can't believe it is only 10 days away! Eeek!

  4. Your traditions sound great...and we would LOVE to come to your place one year...or more.
    We usually made Dad swiss steak, not salisbury steak.
    As far as the Santa thing...don't expect us to keep that lie for you. We can tease about Santa, watch the shows about him, but won't pretend he's real or anything. sorry to burst that bubble.
    You also didn't mention all the many years we traveled out of state to be with family and how much fun that always was. We did our share of splitting up our holidays between the families. If we were up in Goshen, we'd be sledding or playing in the snow, or in their basement with all the toys. If we were in Pensacola, we'd head to the beach. Fun times.
    Looking forward to this weekend. And then the following. I personally think you will have more fun waiting to open your personal gifts once you are home alone. Most of the fun of Christmas is the anticipation. Once that's over...the "magic and wonder" is gone. So hold on to it as long as you can. Remember your memory book too....start filling it out!
    Love you, Your Mama