Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

It's Wishful Wednesday time over at Kelsey's blog!

'I wish' .... my life was a movie, and I would want it to be a action/comedy/romance/thriller! :)

Think: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Transformers, or Surrogates

Bascially, I like the mixture of all of those genre's. I can't stand JUST romance, or JUST comedy. It has to be all four! LOL! Gotta have a little action with your love! :)

So I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and suddenly got in the Christmas spirit! I wanted to buy so many decorations! I think I'll wait until after Thanksgiving, but I already know what I want... I just have to get Eric on board. I also want to check out Target becuase they ALWAYS have the best decor. We already have a 7-ft. pre-lit tree. I got it on major sale last year at K-Mart (I paid about $100 and it was a $300 tree!). We had a gift card there that I could only use on Christmas decorations, so it worked out. It's a gorgeous tree, I can't wait to put it up!

What do you think of these mocha colored ornaments? I love having a "themed" tree. I think last year we did blue and silver ornaments, but I can't remember. I think this mocha color would go great in our apartment, but when I told Eric about it he almost died and thought it was a horrible color. I think he'll have to see it to believe! :) What do you think?

The other option is blue:

They had pink ornaments too but I won't even try to go there. Hahah. I did find a little 3-ft. PINK christmas tree for $15! I'm totally buying it and getting their $1 each pink ornaments and putting it up in my office! I can't wait! Then someday I can put it up in our daughters room... hehehe.


  1. I love the mocha color scheme! I bet with lights hitting on the ornaments, it would give off a warm copper/gold color too. Pretty! :-)

    And I'm withya when it comes to movies, I have to have a mixture of different genres to keep me interested!

  2. Ohh, very nice mix of genres! I am right there with you on Mr. and Mrs. Smith .... haven't seen Surrogats yet.

    Target has the best decorations except they all totally add up!!

  3. cute!!! I love the copper ornaments..thats what I was thinking about going with for one of my trees this year!