Friday, November 20, 2009

Show us your life - Pets

Today on Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life - Pets! I'm gonna show off my sweet little puppy Amira. :)

I have wanted my own little dog for years, but my parents said I could only have one after I was moved out of the house! Haha. So last year, Eric was deployed to Iraq, and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get a companion for me while he was gone. He (reluctantly) agreed and said I could get whatever I wanted. Haha. I started looking online for one to adopt, but wasn't successful. There were a lot of strict requirements for adopting - living in an apartment with no fenced in yard was probably the biggest problem.

Eventually I gave up. Then my sister told me to start looking in the paper for breeders. I found one in Tampa that bred Pomeranians and since my sister lives closer than I do, she went and took a look at them for me. I called to ask what she had, and she said there were some males (no way), females, a few white and one black female. I knew I wanted the black one!

So after my sister checked the breeder out, I transfered money into her account and she bought Amira for me and kept her for a week until they could come over and bring her to me. That week I went to Petco and spent LOTS of money of doggie stuff. Plus, everything was pink. An employee at Petco saw me with my cart of pink stuff, and said, "Let me guess, is this your first dog?" I said yes, so he asked, "And I take it you like pink?" Hahaha. Understatement of the year right there! :)

I named her "Amira" after searching online for some unique names. It is Arabic for "Princess". (I thought Arabic was fitting since Eric was in Iraq at the time ... lol) She and I bonded very quickly and she has such personality. She is VERY shy around others and sticks close to "mom" at all times. When she's with me though, she is extremely playful and adoring.

When Eric came home from Iraq four months later, he scared her right away and now she hates him. She runs away from him and growls at him when I'm around and he comes up to me. One time before I really knew the extent of her fear of him, he took her outside without a leash while I wasn't home. (she wouldn't let him get close enough to even PUT a leash on her anyway) When she wouldn't come back in the house he tried to "corral" her in and she got even more scared and ran away (she is VERY fast). He called me and I came home right away.

When I got home she was gone - nowhere to be seen. I immediately freaked out, told Eric to go back inside and called and searched for her for about an hour. I was crying and absolutely sure she was gone for good (our apartment backs up to a large "preserve" of bushes and trees - I was sure she was in there and completely lost). I'm sure I looked like a total train-wreck walking around bawling my eyes out and calling her name. I started walking towards the front of our complex, but really didn't think she would be that far away. Then -- I saw this little black furball hiding in between an apartment and some bushes. I wasn't sure it was her or if my eyes were playing tricks on me... so I called her, and she came running out to me. OMG, what a feeling of RELIEF that was!! I can't even describe it!!! So now, Eric is NOT allowed to let Amira out of the house if I'm not home. I refuse to go through that again! Haha!

So there you go. Amira Sophia is my baby girl (for now) and I love her to death. :)

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  1. Such a cutie! Great story! I bet that was nice to have her with you while Eric was away. She looks soo cute in that second picture with the pink dress :-D

  2. Wow, glad you found a new friend while your boy was gone and so glad that she didn't run off completely and that you were able to find her! What a darling dog. Hope you have a great weekend sweetie!