Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday weekend catch-up

Hi again everyone! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. Mine was great. Of course I have to post pictures of everything that we did!

I drove over to my parents by myself Tuesday night, and we started cooking/decorating on Wednesday. Michelle (sister-in-law) brought Brandon over, and Nik (my sister) dropped JJ off and we watched him all day. Eric drove over Wednesday afternoon.

The highlight of the boys' day was playing with playdough!

Here is the finished product of decorating at mom's house:

We didn't put up all of her decorations that day - just the tree and the garland/stockings on the stairs. Between watching both boys and cooking for Thanksgiving we were exhausted. Mom and Dad finished them later on in the weekend.

Thanksgiving day I woke up at 6:30AM to start the turkey!! Dad helped me a little bit. Then I went back to bed. Haha. Here is the finished product of my planning the Thanksgiving Day meal! It was SO good and everyone loved it! The pumpkin cheesecake was a major hit too!

Dad showed Eric how to carve the turkey:

Brandon enjoying his Thanksgiving turkey:

Michelle and I cooking:

James, Nik and JJ

Brian and Brandon:

Mom and Dad:

After all of that, we relaxed for a few hours, played some Spades, then Eric and I drove back to Orlando to have a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner with his side of the family. WHEW.

Eric's mom and his sister Julie:

Too many cooks in the kitchen!

Eric used his new skills and carved their turkey too :)

Me and Julie:

Their feast:

Eric's family is so different than mine! His stepdad's family is very Italian and loud and dramatic. They are hilarious and funny though! :) We played this game called "pennies" which was lots of fun!

The next morning Eric and I got up at 6AM to go Black Friday shopping! Talk about exhausting! It wasn't bad at all though - especially for Orlando. We didn't have any problems. I can't believe how long we were out though - from about 7AM to 4PM! Ugh! We found some good stuff and spent lots of money. Plus, it was FREEZING here in Florida and we were not very prepared for this cold front! Hahah.

Overall, we've had a good 5 days off. We decorated our house and set up the Christmas tree yesterday, but I'll post about that later. We also had my brother in law take some pictures of  us with Eric in his uniform... turned out great! I'll post those later too! :).

I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! Whew. Today we're driving AGAIN to see some of Eric's extended family, then it's back to work again tomorrow.  I'm going to catch up on everyone's blogs now. Love!


  1. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving :)
    I took pics of learning how to carve also, ha!
    Where is your shirt from? Super cute :)

  2. Wait maybe I should tell you what shirt, the brown Gobble one you wore on Thanksgiving

  3. I need vacation from vacation too, tell me about it! Glad you enjoyed your time off, I did too. I love fun to see the kids playing with it. Talk about a lot of food too, glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Okay blogger is being stupid. This is a tester to see if this comment gets published.

  5. Okay, ha ha, sorry for the three comments. I guess it got published but Blogger is having a seriously delayed time today. Boo!